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Arducam Cameras for Jetson

Arducam is a camera solution provider for embedded systems that help you use cameras better and use better cameras on Jetson Platforms.

For a long time, we tend to borrow off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi cameras for Jetson applications. However, the official Pi cameras are not easily customizable, and cameras other than that come with little driver support.

With Arducam, you will not only have access to better Pi-like IMX219 and IMX477 cameras but also interface to other camera sensors that Arducam makes possible on the Jetson Platforms. Aside from that, we also made multiple cameras easier.

Jetson-Native IMX219 and IMX477

The native cameras are the camera modules that officially supported by the Jetson hardware with the driver and ISP support. At the moment, two camera modules IMX219 and IMX477 are natively supported, they can cover most of the use-cases. So if you are new to Jetson and want to use the camera with the existing on-line opensource code that uses native camera commands like nvgstcapture nvarguscamera, or nvargus API, etc.

8MP IMX21912MP IMX477
stock lens, drop-in-replacement (Autofocus, low distortion, wide angle), M12 mount, CS mount, PTZCS Mount, CS Mount with housing and HDMI Adapter, M12 Mount Mini

arducam Jetvariety for Jetson

Arducam Jetvariety Series to Increase Camera Varieties

If you are an advanced user and find that the native Jetson MIPI cameras don’t meet your requirement, you can have a look at Arducam Jetvariety cameras.

Jetvariety is an Nvidia Jetson platform V4L2 kernel camera driver framework that can support any MIPI cameras Arducam provides which are not natively supported by the Jetson. A single-camera driver for all is the main goal of Jetvariety project, the users don’t need to develop their camera driver for Nvidia Jetson boards.

RAW DataOn-Board ISP
OV7251, OV9281, OV2311, IMX135, IMX298, AR1820HS, IMX230AR1335-OBISP, AR0230-OBISP

undraw building blocks n0nc

Arducam USB Camera Shield – Camera Building Blocks

If you found the UVC camera has limited bandwidth and want to connect multiple USB cameras, you can check our USB3.0 camera shield to DIY a camera.

USB camera shield is a basic camera building block that helps you to create a USB camera as easily as Lego bricks. Together with other camera building blocks from Arducam, like the camera breakout board, the MIPI adapter board, or the HISPI adapter board, you can stack them together to DIY a USB camera. Learn more about the USB camera shield here.

What is Arducam USB Camera Shield

How to Use Arducam USB Camera Shield

Multi-camera Solutions for the Jetson

Arducam has several different multi-camera solutions to address different use-cases.


Multi-camera adapter board

The multi-camera adapter board is a MIPI camera multiplexer, that allows a maximum of four MIPI cameras to a single CSI-2 MIPI camera interface, but only one camera can be activated at a time.

Arducam Synchronized Stereo IMX219 JetsonNano B0217J8 2

Stereo camera HAT

Stereo camera HAT is a MIPI camera aggregator that can connect two same type MIPI cameras at the same time and fully synchronized. It is useful for stereo vision applications like 360 camera, depth sensing, and multi-spectral vision.

Multiple USB3.0 camera shield

Using multiple USB cameras is the easiest way to create a multi-camera system. Arducam USB3.0 camera shield can help you DIY a synchronized multi-camera system with global shutter camera breakout boards.

Other Jetson Camera Accessories

[B01675MP]Arducam 5MP 1080p Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Camera for Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera

If you want to move the camera around, you need a pan-tilt mount. With a zoom lens added, you can zoom in to focus on the part you are interested in.

Raspberry Pi high quality lens

Camera Lenses

Camera for the Jetson plaform usually comes with M12 or C/CS-Mount interchangeable lens. Arducam covers a wide range of lenses to meet different kinds of needs.

Arducam CSI HDMI Adapter B0091 2

Cable Extension

Some times the pre-included cable of the camera module does not offer you a satisfying length, and Arducam have cables of different lengths and even HDMI cable extension options.

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