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Arducam embedded vision hardware is born to streamline your embedded vision projects with each piece of selected, user-friendly item compatible with major platforms and multiple interfaces, always available in a cost-effective way.

Evaluation Kit (EVK)


Embedded Camera Module


UVC Camera Module

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Edge AI


Camera Optical Components

Lens Selection Guide

Camera Selection Guide


Evaluation Kit (EVK)

Our Evaluation Kit (EVK) product line offers a comprehensive range of embedded vision evaluation solutions designed to facilitate the preliminary stages of your project before progressing to the actual design phase. It includes sensor selection and other critical choices.

Your Value

Our EVKs streamline your Proof of Concept (POC) process, significantly reducing development time from weeks or months to just days or hours. With the convenience of a USB connection, our EVKs are highly suitable for evaluations on the PC platform. By leveraging our EVKs, you can focus on your core development tasks, knowing that Arducam’s professional team is ready to assist you. We are committed to delivering unique and customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.


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Pre-Selected Sensors

Save time and effort by choosing from our carefully curated selection of sensors.

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Software ISP Support

Fine-tune image quality with advanced features such as Black level, AWB, Gamma, Demosaic, CCM, AEC, and AGC (Coming soon).

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User Friendly Interface

Enjoy a seamless experience with our GUI software, USB connection, and ability to control exposure, gain, and focus. Capture images in RAW/RGB/JPEG formats effortlessly.

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Comprehensive SDK

Leverage the power of our robust Python/C++ programming support to optimize your development process.

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Customization Services

Tailor your EVKs to your unique needs by selecting from a range of image sensors, lens options, and form factors.

Embedded Camera Module

Our embedded camera modules, compact imaging solutions meticulously designed for seamless integration into a wide range of popular embedded systems such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, Rockchip, NXP, and more. These modules encompass a camera sensor, lens, and supporting electronics, offering a comprehensive imaging package in a compact form factor.

Your Value

at Arducam, we provide highly reliable embedded camera modules that are thoroughly validated before launch. We understand the constraints users often face, such as module size and weight limitations. Our expertise lies in delivering customized solutions that perfectly align with these constraints, ensuring seamless integration into your projects or products. With our commitment to a robust maintenance system, you can rely on our camera modules for the long term without worries. By leveraging our modules, you can accelerate your time to market, eliminating complex camera development and focusing on your core project aspects.



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Extensive Selection

Discover a diverse range of camera modules to suit your specific application needs.

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Superior Image Quality

Experience exceptional visual output with advanced optics, sensors, and image processing technologies.

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Versatile Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate our modules with the most popular embedded platforms using multiple interface options.

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Working Out of the Box

Save time and effort with our camera modules that are ready to use, featuring standard form factor pinout for easy integration into your existing setup.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Benefit from our affordable camera modules, providing high value without compromising quality.

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Customization Capabilities

Tailor modules to your requirements through our customizable solutions.

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UVC Camera Module

UVC camera modules are designed to comply with the USB Video Class standard, which allows them to be recognized and used as standard video devices by various operating systems without requiring additional drivers. UVC camera modules are widely used in applications such as video conferencing, live streaming, computer vision, and machine vision.

Your Value

Experience the value of our UVC camera modules, featuring an integrated onboard Image Signal Processor (ISP) for real-time image processing and enhancement. Our modules offer seamless compatibility with multiple platforms and systems, providing plug-and-play convenience without the need for additional drivers. Enjoy the ease of upgrading your camera modules with our UVC solution, eliminating the constraints of specific interfaces and ensuring a smooth transition for your projects.


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Plug-and-Play Convenience

Seamless compatibility with popular operating systems, eliminating the need for drivers and ensuring a hassle-free setup.

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Onboard ISP

Capture stunning visuals with optimized settings and adjustments.

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Wide Selection

Choose from autofocus, vari-focus, low-light capabilities, night vision, global shutter, and wide-angle options, catering to diverse needs.

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Platform Compatibility

Our USB camera modules are designed to work seamlessly with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, ensuring compatibility across multiple platforms and systems.

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Customizable Serial Numbers

Customize the serial numbers of our USB camera modules for unique identification or integration purposes, providing flexibility for your specific requirements.

Edge AI


Arducam, in strategic collaboration with renowned and innovative Edge AI brands, brings you cutting-edge solutions for machine vision applications. As a trusted partner, Arducam combines its embedded vision expertise and extensive experience to provide core machine vision components, including high-performance camera modules, to enable the development of advanced Edge AI devices.

Your Value

Edge AI machine vision solutions are at the forefront of many applications, revolutionizing industries such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, smart surveillance, and industrial automation. Our expertise in hardware development and manufacturing plays a pivotal role in delivering cutting-edge camera modules and core machine vision components. This experience serves as the solid foundation for our partnerships with renowned brands in the Edge AI ecosystem.



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Advanced AI Capabilities

Powerful machine vision applications for object detection, classification, and tracking.

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OAK (OpenCV AI Kit)

Advanced spatial AI system for object detection and classification.

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Pico4ML by ArduCam

On-device machine learning solution with TensorFlow Lite Micro integration.

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Context-based video and audio streams with metadata integration for data-driven applications.

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Ready to Power More

Arducam is always ready to power more innovative edge AI devices with our state-of-the-art machine vision hardware.


Camera Optical Components

Camera optical components are vital for achieving high-quality and precise imaging results. At Arducam, we specialize in a wide range of embedded vision lenses. In addition to lenses, we also provide filters, image sensors, lens modules, lens holders, and other essential optical elements. Working closely with a network of experienced camera optical component suppliers, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Your Value

Choosing the right camera optical components is crucial as they are sensitive and precise components that significantly impact your imaging system’s performance. At Arducam, our professional team understands the complexities of these components and their compatibility with different applications. By discussing your product mix with us, you can mitigate risks, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions. We provide expert guidance to help you choose the camera optical components that are truly suitable for your project, ensuring optimal performance and successful outcomes.


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Lens Guidance

We assist in choosing the right lens for your project, providing personalized recommendations based on your specific requirements. Beyond sales, we offer guidance for informed decisions.

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Selected Optical Components

We curate a selection of high-quality lenses, offering you a range of options to meet your diverse needs and project requirements.

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Wide Product Range

Our lens lineup encompasses various focal lengths, apertures, and optical designs, allowing you to find the perfect lens for your specific application.

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Superior Image Quality

Our lenses are designed to deliver exceptional image quality, ensuring sharpness, clarity, and accurate color reproduction for your vision systems.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective lens options without compromising on performance, providing you with excellent value for your investment.

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