Arducam Crafts A Better Vision for Your Hardware.

We simplify the cameras so you can focus on creativity.

Cameras are complex devices that require expertise in hardware/software engineering and driver development. You don’t have to become a full-stack camera developer to start your project – we’ll make the camera straightforward enough so you can concentrate on what you’re good at.

Arducam has been offering camera solutions for a decade, mainly by solving camera-related problems for prevailing hardware platforms among developers, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, and so on. We’re a local guide on camera to help you get the work done.

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We’ve Served Markets Like:

3d scanning photo booth

3D Scanner / Photo Booth

license plate detection

Automatic Number-plate Recognition

depth camera panorama

Panorama and Stereo Vision

Our R&D Team

1.1 lee jackson cartoon

Lee J.

Founder & CEO

1.2 kai cartoon

Kai Z.

Hardware Engineering

1.3 wong cartoon

Wong J.

Software Engineering

1.4 Bin cartoon

Bin L.

Optical Engineering

1.5 Tiger cartoon

Tiger J.

AI & Machine Learning

1.6 Sheen Cartoon

Sheen C.

DRIVER Development

1.7 shawy wong cartoon

Showy W.

APP Development

1.8 June L cartoon

June L.

Mechanical Engineering

1.9 Tom Y cartoon

Tom Y.

Algorithm Strategy

1.10 Lily M cartoon

Lily M.

Java and Web developer

Our Expertise

The camera solutions we provide cover all types of needs during the different phases of embedded vision projects.

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One-stop Camera Hardware

  • Image sensor packages, camera lenses, compact camera modules (CCM), camera breakout boards, board camera modules, and cameras with precision housing. 
  • Interface cross conversion between DVP, MIPI, LVDS, HiSPI, SPI, and USB.
  • Camera evaluation kits for quick proof-of-concept within minutes.
  • Multi-camera aggregating and multiplexing on the hardware level.

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Full-stack Camera Software

  • Image sensor register settings, evaluation GUI program, Comprehensive SDK for camera control and image data acquisition.
  • Source demo code for video streaming and still image capture. 
  • Application-specific software customization development
  • Programming languages supported: C/C++/Python/C#.

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Hard-Soft Camera Algorithm

  • Hardware ISP implementation based on FPGA, support up to 21MP
  • Software ISP processing pipeline for camera fast evaluation
  • Soft-hardware Camera Algorithm
  • Customized application-specific algorithms with FPGA acceleration supported

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Our Products

Arducam IMX477 NVIDIA Jetson Nano Xavier NX Camera B0249

Camera Modules

Arducam offers different camera modules interfaced to different systems and connectors, and they can be divided into SPI Cameras, MIPI Cameras, and USB cameras.

EK026 04

Camera Evaluation Kits

If you want to quickly test the image sensor performance and do a proof-of-concept, Arducam USB camera shields and camera breakout can help you with that with a USB connection.

Arducam Synchronized Stereo IMX219 JetsonNano B0217J8 1

Camera Multiplexer, aggregator, and extender

By using more than just one camera from a single slot or even syncing them, we’ve got solutions for you. Want to adapt it to another interface? We can also help with that.

LK003 M12 lens kit for HQ camera module 1 new

Camera Lenses and IR filters

We offer lenses and lenses that help you get more precise optical control over your image frame, in different lens mounts like M12, C – and CS-Mount. From telephoto to fisheye, from autofocus to PTZ, and from cut-off to band-pass.

Our Solutions

specific application

For a specific vision application

If you have an on-going project that involves image or video capturing, transmission, or processing – like agricultural, astronomical, or industrial – but have not decided on the BOM list, we can help you with selecting and buying the components or even offer a turnkey solution.

nvidia raspberry pi platform

For a specific embedded platform

If you have a preferred hardware platform, but the current camera support does not meet your requirements, Arducam can help with that. We can support MIPI camera modules on platforms like Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, and Jetson Xavier NX. Our USB camera shields can also help you with the evaluation and prototyping on that platform with a general USB connection.

solution for image sensor

For a specific Image sensor

If you have a preferred image sensor, and you are satisfied with its performance, we can help you with the development of this image sensor by getting image sensor packages, compact camera modules (CCM), or building breakout boards as well as handling the image sensor drivers to get your desired image sensor working.

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Our Services


If our off-the-shelf products almost meet your expectations and you just need it to be better tailored to your needs, you can contact us for customization just by filling out a form with your requirements.


Need a manufacturing partner to build your product? Got a great idea that raises plenty of money on Kickstarter but needs help bringing it to mass production?

Arducam not only has a small lab to build quick prototypes in days but also has local sophisticated SMT/Assembling factory partners who can help with large quantities of building capacities, quality controls, and certification.


Arducam is based in China and owns a team for the Chinese domestic market that operates on mainstream online marketplaces. We can help you better deliver your excellent products and ideas in the massive Chinese market.

Our Clients

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Our Sales Partners

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