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1. Problems with an Arducam product I’ve received

I have purchased and used Arducam products
If you have encountered an issue while using our products, please let us know more details so we can help you better and get back to you sooner.
Arducam will contact you via this email.
This is a dropdown menu. Select one by clicking on it.
Is it Amazon, UCTRONICS, or other Arducam distributors?
If you don't know the model number, show us the link to the product.
Let's be more specific. Is it a Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, Arduino UNO R3, Jetson Nano B01, or another host?
Is it our paper instruction manual, online documentation, or video tutorial? (A link will help)
Describe symptoms or show us the error codes.

2. Issues with an ongoing order I’ve placed directly from Arducam

An ongoing order directly from Arducam
You will get an invoice number when you purchase directly from Arducam. If you purchase from other marketplaces or distributors, please contact them for issues with an ongoing order.

3. Issues with an existing Arducam product I want to purchase

Issues with an existing Arducam product I want to purchase
If you need more information about an off-the-shelf product you want before you place the order, we will try our best to answer your questions. If it’s not off-the-shelf, check our customization forms.
We will use this email to contact you
Please show us the model number or the website link.

4. I need Arducam to customize a new product for me

Let Us Know Your Requirements
The information you provide is crucial to our feedback. To fully understand your inquiry, we need you to fill the form below in detail.
(eg. Skype/Whatsapp, or etc.) We can discuss on the phone or set up a meeting if needed
We can sign an NDA if you concern about the application information
Raspberry Pi/ Arduino/Jetson Nano/etc.
What resolutions and frame rates do you expect in your application?
What kind of sensor interface do you need? (MIPI/CSI-2, DVP/Parallel, SPI, USB, etc)
What is the horizontal field of view (FoV) of the lens do you need? (Or provide the size of the scene - width by height - from defined distance away from the lens)
RAW, MJPG, YUV, etc.
Picture/ Videos/Links will be helpful
Commercial or Individual
Please describe your issues and questions as detailed as possible here

5. I want to distribute Arducam products

Become Arducam Distributor
Thank you for your interest in becoming our distributor. We know that spreading your knowledge and enthusiasm are vital to the growth and success of our company. Because of this, we want you to share in our success!

6. Report an issue with our website

Website Related Issues (Unrelated to orders)
Whether you have spotted a typo, error, broken link, 404 page, or account issues, please let us know and our website manager will respond as soon as possible.
We will send follow-up via this email.
If there is one, please copy and paste it here.
Please let us know how can we deliver a better experience to you.
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