USB Webcams & Camera Modules

UVC-compliant board cameras that work with any platform.

autofocus usb board cameras 1
usb uvc board cameras with wide angle lenses
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Autofocus Cameras

  • Resolution up to 16MP.
  • Onboard microphone for audio recording.
  • Low distortion lens.
  • Focus range from 5cm ~ infinite.
  • Suitable for QR code recognition application. 
  • Various cable length options.
auto focus usb cameras
wide angle USB board cameras

Wide Angle Cameras

  • Various FoV options, up to 220°.
  • Various resolution options.
  • Metallic housing options.
  • Onboard microphone.

Varifocal Cameras

  • Manual zoom control.
  • Manual focus control.
  • HDR/WDR options.
  • Metallic housing options.
  • Onboard microphone.
usb board cameras with varifocal lenses
board level uvc cameras

Low Light Cameras

  • Sony STARVIS sensor series.
  • Sensitivity down to 0.01 Lux.
  • High Signal-to-Noise ratio.
  • Exceptional low light performance.
  • Onboard microphone.

Global Shutter Cameras

  • Frame rate up to 120 fps.
  • Completely free from Jello Effect from fast movement.
  • Various Lens FOV options.
  • Different filter options.
  • Metallic housing options.
global shutter uvc usb cameras
camera module v1 v2 and high quality camera modules

V1/V2/HQ Alternatives

  • Based on native V1, V2 and HQ Pi cameras.
  • Various lens options.
  • Flexible autofocus and miniature camera modules.
  • Flexible cable length options.
  • Onboard microphone.

Night Vision Cameras

  • Automatic IR-Cut ON/OFF switch for night/day vision.
  • High IR sensitivity.
  • Onboard 850nm Infrared LEDs.
  • Onboard microphone.
Night vision uvc cameras
uvc compliant modules with aluminum enclosures

Box Cameras

  • Metallic housing for maximum durability.
  • Various lens options.
  • Waterproof and fog-proof options.
  • Various form factors for installation and deployment ease.


  • Support for any image sensor.
  • Custom lens and filter options.
  • Tailored module and housing form-factors.
  • Customizable cable length, shape and pinout.
  • Camera housing design using CNC/Injection molding.
  • IP6x waterproof and anti-fog solutions.
raspberry pi native cameras

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