Arducam IMX477 Jetson Cameras

Arducam IMX477 Jetson Cameras

High Quality Camera for Jetson Nano and Xavier NX

Natively Compatible. Flexibly Customizable.

A Major Update to the Jetson Cameras that You Can’t Miss

NVIDIA does not manufacture and sell camera modules for the Nano and Xavier. To enable the basic camera applications on those Jetson platforms, NVIDIA offers support to the off-the-shelf IMX219 cameras that are popular in the Raspberry Pi ecosystem. Now the Raspberry Pi upgrades its camera to IMX477, the update is also coming to the Jetson.

The IMX477 is more powerful, and is becoming the next favorite. Arducam offers IMX477 camera modules to help you enjoy this update smoothly.

undraw update uxn2

Borrowed Pi Cam vs. Tailored Arducam

The Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera is completely designed for the Raspberry Pi and won’t take the Jetson Platform into consideration. You can borrow the camera module from the Raspberry Pi, but you can’t borrow the smooth experience.

The Arducam IMX477 Jetson Cameras are specifically designed for and tailored to the Jetson platform. We aim to get rid of the inconveniences in using Raspberry Pi cameras and add more features to make it even better. Arducam IMX477 Jetson cameras make the IMX477 a real Jetson-native sensor with a native experience.

raspberry pi high quality camera must remove a resistor

Must Remove a Resistor

Jetson Nano/Xavier NX provide 1.8V for camera GPIO reset, but the RPi HQ Camera requires 3.3V. The camera won’t work if you don’t remove the R8 resistor manually.

Work out of the Box √

Arducam takes the voltage difference into consideration, and you won’t need any hardware modifications on your own when you are using our IMX477 camera modules.

Arducam IMX477 NAVIDA B0249 1 New
raspberry pi high quality camera does not include a lens

Does not Include a Lens

The Official Raspberry Pi Camera Module does not work out of the box – the lenses are sold separately. Most Pi resellers only offer 6mm and 16mm lenses.

Lens Included with More to Choose √

The lens has already been included with the Arducam IMX477 Jetson Cameras, and Arducam also offers lots of C/CS lenses to choose from.

raspberry pi high quality camera cs lens kit
only one camera model raspberry pi high quality

Just One Single Camera Model

There is only one model of RPi HQ camera, and even if you are unsatisfied with the form factor, weight or lens mount, you can’t do much about it.

Max&Mini, M12&CS All Available √

Aside from the standard CS-Mount module, Arducam also offers a compact-size camera with M12 lens for space- and weight-constraint applications.

Arducm MINI HQ IMX477 M12 B0251 1
raspberry pi high quality camrea no camera housing 3

No Camera Housing

The Raspberry Pi HQ camera is a board camera with no housing options. You have to design your own camera case or leave the components in the air.

Metal Housing with Tripod Mount √

Arducam offers industrial-level housed IMX477 camera with tripod mount and HDMI extension adapter. The whole camera setup is much more robust.

imx477 camera module case housing tripod
raspberry pi high quality camera 2 lane 15 pin design

2-Lane 15-Pin Design

The Raspberry Pi HQ camera is designed for what the Pi can handle, so it exposes only 2 of the total 4 MIPI lanes. Jetson is more powerful than that.

4-Lane 22-Pin Design √

Arducam IMX477 Jetson Cameras expose all 4 MIPI lanes of the IMX477 sensor in a 22-pin connection. We’re ready for future 4-lane driver updates.

Arducm MINI HQ IMX477 M12 B0251 5

compatible with nvarguscamerasrc 1

nvgstcapture, nvarguscamera, and nvargus API Support

After installing the driver for the Jetson Nano or Jetson Xavier NX, the Arducam cameras support all the native commands and APIs just like the IMX219. It also takes advantage of Jetson’s hardware ISP, so the picture quality is handled well. Check our Documentation…

All Arducam IMX477 Jetson cameras can work at 12MP 30fps or 1080P 60fps on both Jetson platforms.


Standard CS-Mount Version
Arducam IMX477 NAVIDA B0249 1 New
  • Pi HQ camera compatible Form Factor
  • Standard CS-Mount
  • 1/2.3″ 12MP IMX477
  • 12MP 30fps/1080P 60fps
  • 4-Lane MIPI 22-Pin Design
  • Lens Included
CS-Mount with Metal Housing
Arducam IMX477 JetsonNano NX B0250 1
  • Full Metal Housing with Tripod
  • HDMI Adapter for Cable Extention
  • 1/2.3″ 12MP IMX477
  • 12MP 30fps/1080P 60fps
  • 4-Lane MIPI 22-Pin Design
  • Lens Included
Mini Version with M12 Lens
Arducm MINI HQ IMX477 M12 B0251 1
  • 24×25 same factor as Pi Cam V2
  • Light-weight with M12 Lens
  • 1/2.3″ 12MP IMX477
  • 12MP 30fps/1080P 60fps
  • 4-Lane MIPI 22-Pin Design
  • Lens Included


Check the Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arducam IMX477 camera work with Jetson Xavier NX out of the box?

Yes, only need to install the camera driver with a simple deb installation package from our github.

Does it has its own ISP that will help things (like white balance)?

Sure, the IMX477 camera supports ISP functions like auto white balance, auto exposure and etc on Jetson.

Has anyone on your side tried it with python open-cv2?

The camera driver is loaded as a standard V4L2 device under /dev/video* node, you can use python OpenCV to open it as a standard web camera.

Has anyone tried it with gstreamer nvarguscamera?

Yes, check the video demo for gstreamer.

My team will mostly work on this camera module through python, do you have example or docs that might be relevant?

Check the document here for more information.

Does the mini IMX477 HQ camera fit and mount to Arducam PT camera mount?

Yes, only the Mini IMX477 camera supports this PT mount.

What is the zoom range through the lens?

It depends on which zoom lens you choose, now we offer the 2.8~12mm C mount zoom lens (x4 optical zoom) and 4~12mm zoom lens (x3 optical zoom) for the standard HQ IMX477 camera.

Is the lens interchangeable?

Yes, you can use CS/C or M12 respectively, lens mount adapter might apply.

How easy is it to change lens, etc?

It is as easy as replacing a battery.

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