At Arducam, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation – the Pivistation 5, a new product line within the broader Pivistation product group (which includes the recently released Arducam PiNSIGHT, Your Vision AI Mate for RPi5). This new line represents the convergence of cutting-edge Arducam camera technology and the power of Raspberry Pi 5. That is, all in one.

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Pivistation 5 Overview

As mentioned above, Pivistation 5 is a pivotal member of our Pivistation product group (Pi + Vision + station). This collection is designed to redefine embedded vision solutions and is tailored specifically for the Raspberry Pi 5. Housed in an enclosure reminiscent of the official Raspberry Pi design, both in color combo and shape, Pivistation 5 seamlessly integrates into the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, saving you valuable time.

Future Expansion for Diverse Needs

“But that’s not all. We have exciting plans for the future of Pivistation 5. In the pipeline, we’ll be introducing additional SKUs targeting various use cases. Whether you need high-resolution visuals, exceptional low-light performance, or any other specialized requirement, Arducam is committed to expanding Pivistation 5 to thrive in the Raspberry Pi visual ecosystem. Stay tuned for more innovations that will elevate your projects to new heights.”

Lee Jackson, Founder & CTO, Arducam.

Inspiration Behind Pivistation 5

Our inspiration for the Pivistation collection lies in “digging deep into the Raspberry Pi ecosystem,” with a particular focus on enhancing the visual aspects. Pivistation 5 is a testament to our commitment to simplifying embedded vision hardware and redefining what’s possible with Raspberry Pi.

Pivistation 5-20

In this blog, we invite you to take a closer look at the early stages of Pivistation 5-20, a distinguished SKU under the Pivistation 5 umbrella, and explore the exciting possibilities it brings.

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Arducam Pivistation 5-20

Key Features of Pivistation 5-20

  • All-in-One Convenience: All-in-one solution. No more searching for and connecting cameras to Raspberry Pi separately. Streamline your proof-of-concept process and save valuable time.
  • Resolution: Boasting an impressive 20MP resolution, ensuring crystal-clear visuals for many applications.
  • Outstanding Optical Format: Featuring a 1″ CMOS sensor, this all-in-one camera kit delivers excellent clarity and sharpness.
  • Video Recording: Offering video recording capabilities through software encoding, adding a dynamic dimension to your projects.

Early Stage Involvement

Early Stage Involvement

We value your insights and ideas. Early involvement is not just welcome; it’s encouraged! Whether you have specific demands based on real cases, suggestions to enhance the product, or customized orders in mind, we want to hear from you. Your input can shape the future of Pivistation 5.

How to Get Involved

Ready to join the conversation? Do not hesitate to contact us here and choose Subject 4 Customize a New Product for me and leave your message, share your thoughts, and be a part of the early stages of Pivistation 5-20 within the broader Pivistation collection.

The Arducam Team

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