USB 2.0/3.0 Camera Dev & Evaluation Kits

USB 2.0/3.0 Camera Dev & Evaluation Kits

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camera breakout boards 1
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USB 2.0/3.0 Camera Evaluation Kits

  • Completely ready to shot camera bundles.
  • Reduce the Proof-Of-Concept time from months to hours.
  • Various sensor options: High Resolution/Starvis/Global Shutter/etc.
  • Comprehensive SDK and API for easy integration.
usb camera evalution kits 2

Camera Breakout Boards

  • Basic building block for any camera system.
  • Plug and play replacement camera boards for Arducam USB camera dev kits.
  • Convenient lens solutions (M12/C/CS/etc.).
  • Huge selections of sensors from industry-leading image sensor vendors (ONsemi/Sony/OmniVision/HiMax/etc.).
camear breakout boards

USB 2.0/3.0 Camera Adapters

  • Complete MIPI-CSI-2/LVDS/DVP to USB Bridges and adapters.
  • Fundamental buiding block for Arducam USB camera dev kit.
  • USB connection that works well with both conventional (X86) and embedded (ARM) systems.
  • SDK and Demo Source code available for Windowns and Linux.
  • Camera adapter boards for breakout with different interfaces (DVP/MIPI CSI-2).
camera breakout carrier boards 1


  • Support for new sensors beyond the existing camera list.
  • Offering various lens profiles and FoVs (Field of View).
  • Tailored form factors to accommodate custom enclosures.
  • Extending SDK functions and ISP tuning for turn-key solutions.
customization services for USB cameras