Pivistation 5 core

Arducam proudly presents Pivistation 5, the all-in-one Raspberry Pi 5 camera kit set to redefine embedded vision projects.

Tired of Laborious Proof of Concept?

Launching a Raspberry Pi-based embedded vision project involves navigating the complexities of sensor, lens, and software selection. At Arducam, we recognize the challenges faced by innovators. Enter Pivistation 5 – designed to streamline the Proof of Concept process, reducing weeks of work to mere days.

months to hours

How Pivistation 5 Makes It

By seamlessly integrating Raspberry Pi 5 with high-performance image sensors and lenses, Pivistation 5 simplifies setup. Each model boasts a pre-configured Raspberry Pi 5, eliminating the need for tedious assembly.

Arducam Pivistation 5 seamless integration with Pi5 and others

Matching Lenses & Select Sensors

Tailored to diverse visual needs, each Pivistation 5 model features select sensors and pre-tuned camera modules. Whether it’s exceptional autofocus, extreme sharpness, or sensor sensitivity, there’s a Pivistation 5 for every project.

matching lenses1

Pre-Installed Software & Tribute to Raspberry Pi

Pivistation 5 comes packed with pre-installed camera drivers and essential software tools, honouring its Raspberry Pi roots with genuine case processing and ecosystem-inspired packaging.

preinstalled software

Potential Applications & Cutting-Edge Technology

Pivistation 5 finds application in various embedded vision projects, boasting cutting-edge features like dual-mode autofocus and STARVIS2 technology for superior sensitivity and image quality.

Press Release Details & Additional Information

For further information, demos, available models, rewards, add-ons, specifications, and our timeline, please visit our Kickstarter campaign page. Join us in revolutionizing embedded vision projects with Arducam Pivistation 5!

About Arducam

Arducam is dedicated to simplifying embedded vision hardware, making innovation accessible to all. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to empower creators worldwide.

The Arducam Team

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