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When carrying out a Raspberry Pi-based embedded vision project, at least three factors need to be determined: suitable sensors, suitable lenses, and suitable software. To make it, PoC is a must. However, without the necessary expertise and experience, the PoC process can be lengthy, ineffective, or even fail. So, wanna make it quicker?

Try Pivistation  5 

At Arducam, we understand that your vision projects demand simplicity and ease of use. That’s why we’ve developed Arducam Pivistation 5, tailored to accelerate your innovation journey with Raspberry Pi 5.

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By seamlessly integrating Raspberry Pi 5 with a variety of high-performance image sensors, Pivistation 5 offers you a versatile collection of ready-to-use cameras designed for your specific applications. No more guesswork or tedious setup processes – simply choose a suitable camera from our collection, and you’re ready to go.

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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, our goal is to provide you with a lightsome way to ensure a quick and easy innovation without compromising performance.

A camera, Packed with Pi 5, Ready to use.

Arducam Pivistation  5 

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Experience the genuine Raspberry Pi 5 case. The Raspberry Pi Case for Raspberry Pi 5 is a clip-together four-part enclosure with an active cooling fan. It keeps your Raspberry Pi 5 at a comfortable operating temperature even under heavy load.

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Arducam Pivistation 5 simplifies your setup by housing a Raspberry Pi 5 inside each unit, ensuring a ready-to-use device right out of the box. With the power of Raspberry Pi 5 at its core, Pivistation 5 eliminates the hassle of assembling components, allowing you to focus on your vision projects immediately.

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Coming fully equipped with pre-installed camera drivers and an extensive suite of software, including essential tools like OpenCV-Python, libopencv-dev (C++ version), libcamera0.2, RPicam apps, TensorFlow, camera streamer, and more. This empowers you to dive straight into your vision projects without the need for manual installation or configuration.

Sensors vary while Pi 5 remains the same.

Arducam Pivistation  5 

You needn’t understand sensor packaging,
but you need to know it’s crucial for any Pi camera,
So it is with Pivistation  5 

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ArduCam’s Sensor Packaging Solution offers specialized expertise in designing and manufacturing camera modules using various cutting-edge packaging technologies such as Chip on Board (COB), System in Package (SiP) and Land Grid Array (LGA). These packaging techniques enable us to deliver high-quality, custom-designed camera modules that cater to the specific requirements of diverse applications. By leveraging our state-of-the-art production facilities and extensive experience, users can benefit from tailored packaging solutions that ensure optimal performance and reliability of their image sensors.

Yeah, Arducam’s renowned Flexible-ISP tech,
won’t of course be absent here, either,
inside Pivistation  5 

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Users often suffer from the limitations imposed by the ISP level of the embedded platform when integrating different image sensors. Arducam worked hard to break those limitations. This breakthrough empowers developers with unprecedented options, enabling them to leverage higher resolution, specialized features, and unique sensor capabilities. But that is not all. We’ve also pioneered software ISP advancements. This breakthrough allows users to have granular control over various essential image processing features, including Black level, Auto White Balance (AWB), Gamma correction, Demosaic, Color Correction Matrix (CCM), Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), and Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

And armed with video recording capabilities.

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Arducam Pivistation 5 isn’t just about capturing images—it’s equipped with essential video recording capabilities to ensure your projects are ready to capture dynamic footage whenever you need. From monitoring environments to analyzing movements, Pivistation 5 provides the necessary tools to bring your vision to life with ease.

See the Sample clip recorded by Pivistation 5 – Klarity

Same control interface,
across all Pivistation  5  variations.
Thanks to Arducam’s Highly Abstracted Camera Architecture.

Our unified control interface provides a standardized way to access and control Arducam modules, making it easy to upgrade and maintain software and drivers. By abstracting the sensor parameters, we ensure consistent performance across all of our camera modules, regardless of the sensor vendor.

When you PoC is a Pi-based one, Pivistation 5 is the shortest way.

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You might be taking a perfectly detailed photo of a cityscape,

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Trying recording every moment as time passes,

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Looking deep into the night sky,

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Or hoping to lay out a sharp surveillance camera, whether during the day or at night.

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Sometimes, your project doesn’t allow for the ridiculous jello effect.

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Sometimes, you need a super energy-saving camera, ready to guard your night.

And that’s not all!

Experience a package of pre-installed software.

Elevate your embedded vision projects with Arducam Pivistation 5’s pre-installed software suite, carefully crafted to streamline your workflow.

From essential tools like OpenCV-Python and libopencv-dev (C++ version) to libraries such as libcamera0.2 and rpicam-apps, we’ve got you covered.
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Need a C++ build environment for advanced development? It’s included.

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Plus, harness the power of machine learning with TensorFlow and PyTorch for Python.

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And with camera-streamer and Arducam Camera Server, sharing and accessing your camera feed has never been easier.

Using it can’t be easier.

Tech Behind the Simplicity

Arducam Pivistation  5  – Your All-in-one RPi5 camera.

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Distinguish Pivistation and Pivistation  5 

At Arducam, we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of our combo product lines surrounding the Raspberry Pi platform:


Pivistation is our overarching product family, offering a variety of Raspberry Pi-based combo products tailored for diverse applications. Pivistation serves as the cornerstone of our dedication to enhancing the Raspberry Pi ecosystem. Our latest addition to the Pivistation family is PiNSIGHT and KingKong, which boasts advanced onboard vision AI capabilities

Pivistation  5 

Within the Pivistation family, Pivistation 5 acts as a specialized line designed specifically for Raspberry Pi 5. Essentially, products in this line integrate Raspberry Pi 5, selected performance sensors/Arducam camera modules and lenses, all neatly enclosed in a genuine Raspberry Pi housing. In essence, it’s an all-in-one solution. These models offer distinct configurations and features while remaining part of the broader Pivistation 5 collection.

Arducam's Raspberry Pi Based Combo-Product (Pivistation)
PiNSIGHTKingKongPivistation 5
Your All-in-one RPi5 camera kit.
Pivistation 5 - HawkeyePivistation 5 - DarkseePivistation 5 - KlarityPivistation 5 - Swift
IMX378AR0234SONY 64MPIMX678IMX283...
Your Vision AI Mate for RPiYour All-in-one RPi
AI camera kit.
Your all-in-one
RPi5 Camera
Your all-in-one
Ultra Low Light
RPi5 Camera
Your all-in-one
High Sensitivity
RPi5 Camera
Your all-in-one
Global Shutter
RPi5 Camera
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Not yet decided? Have questions or concerns about Pivistation 5? We’re here to help! Whether you’re pondering customization options or seeking clarification on product details, feel free to reach out.

Q: Who are supposed to be the users of Pivistation 5?

A: Any individual or organization with mid-high requirements of embedded vision performance is suitable to leverage Pivistation 5 as an efficient PoC tool.

Q: I am already a user of Arducam camera modules and they are running well, what’s the point of changing to Pivistation 5?

A: Pivistation 5 is specifically tailored for Raspberry Pi vision applications. Our professional team handles module adaptation, ensuring stability and saving users (esp. those who are less familiar with embedded vision hardware) effort in configuration. However, if your project is better suited for other platforms or if your current setup with Arducam camera modules is performing well, there’s no need to switch. In addition, not all current or future models in the Pivistation 5 series have corresponding camera module products. For this part, you can directly use pivistation 5 to get a better experience.

Q: Which types of Raspberry Pi 5 are used for Pivistation 5 models?

A: The currently available Pivistation 5 models all house a Raspberry Pi 5 with 4GB RAM.

Q: Can I replace the Pi5 that comes with the product with another one?

A: Yes, you can open the case and replace it following the guide later provided by Arducam.

Q: Can I change the lenses of Pivistation 5 according to my project?

A: Some models of Pivistation 5 support lens replacement. To get the best results, it is recommended that you send emails to support [at] arducam [dot] com to obtain our technical support before lens replacement.

Q: Is Pivistation 5 suitable for outdoor use?

A: The currently available Pivistation 5 models are primarily designed for indoor applications. Outdoor use, however, might be considered for future models by adding proper protection from environmental factors such as moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Q: What power source does Pivistation 5 require?

A: Pivistation 5 can be powered using a standard micro USB power adapter or via the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi, providing flexibility for different deployment needs.

Q: Can I customize my Pivistation 5 order?

A: We are happy to hear your ideas about more Pivistaion 5 variations besides the running ones. For bulk potential orders, please email ‘contact [at] arducam [dot] com’ directly to discuss.

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