How to connect ArduCAM shield to MEGA 2560

Arduino beginners often face compatibility problems between UNO and MEGA board. The truth is that the UNO and MEGA board are not compatible with each other in some ways, for example, UNO SPI port pins are 10,11,12,13, and I2C port pins are A4, A5, while Mega board SPI port pins are 50,51,52,53, and I2C port pins are 20,21. Actually the UNO and MEGA boards made some changes from the R0 version to the R3 version to make the I2C interface compatible.


How ArduCAM use external trigger from a sensor

The ArduCAM shield has 6 general purpose IOs which can be set as input or output and greatly extend the power for the Arduino board which has limited IO resources. The structure of the IOs in the ArduCAM shield is the same as the one in the AVR chip, it has a direction register(DDR), a input register(PIN) and output register(PORT). In this demonstration, we will illustrate how to set the GPIOs in the ArduCAM shield as an input and use a PIR sensor triggering the shield to start a capture. (more…)

ArduCAM Pinouts

Pin definition: Signals Description Signals Description +3.3V +3.3V from shield +5V +5V from Arduino D1 3.3V logic version of D1 D0 3.3V logic version of D0 D3 3.3V logic version of D3 D2 3.3V logic version of D2 D5 3.3V logic version of D5 D4 3.3V logic version of D4 Read more…

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