robot fish swarm with arducam multiplexer inside blog thumbnail

Blueswarm: Decentralized Robotic Fish Swarm Together Which uses Arducam Multi-camera Adapter and Raspberry Pi

The natural world abounds with self-organizing collectives, where large numbers of relatively simple agents use local interactions to produce impressive global behaviors. Well-known examples include social insect colonies, bird flocks, and fish schools. Mathematicians and engineers have strived to understand the mapping from local interactions onto global behaviors and vice Read more…

jetson nano depth mapping blog thumbnail

Depth Mapping on Jetson Nano

After proving the feasibility to use Arducam Stereo Camera HAT for depth mapping on the Raspberry Pi, we’ve moved on to the Jetson Nano platform. This blog mainly discusses the application on the Jetson Nano A02, which only offers a single CSI port like the standard Raspberry Pi models. However, Read more…

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