Last week, we finally received the package that contained the Raspberry Pi 4s we had ordered and started testing our camera modules on them. The Good news is that the Raspberry Pi 4 still keeps backward compatibility with the previous camera modules and sensors, so feel free to go with Arducam if you are seeking for new camera modules for your Raspberry Pi.

Here is an hand-on video about all kinds of Arducam camera modules and adapters:

Best Camera Modules for Pi 4 from Arducam

New: See how Arducam’s Pivariety project takes RPi camera module to the next level.

Arducam has been in the Pi cameras market since 2013, and we have released a bunch of cameras for the Raspberry Pi platform. The following products are the representatives of our newest best-selling camera modules:

Arducam B0176 5MP Auto Focus Camera module

5MP Pi Cam with motorized lens compatible with Pi 4 and earlier models
See smarter in the same form factor, now with keyboard focus control
Autofocus Python script powered by OpenCV.

Arducam B0180 8MP Wide Angle IMX219 Drop-in Replacement

M12 lens 175 degrees diagonal wide-angle IMX219 lens-sensor combination
Drop-in replacement to fix perfectly in you V2 camera board
Optional Low distortion lens and autofocus lens replacement

Arducam B0174 16MP MIPI Camera Module

1/2.8−inch Sony IMX298 image sensor
4656 x 3496 Pixels, a programmable motorized focus lens
Only work with Arducam Drivers and examples

Arducam B0165 1MP Global Shutter MIPI Camera Module

1/4-inch OmniVision OV9281 global shutter monochrome image sensor
3 μm pixel size, M12 mount lens
Only work with Arducam Drivers and examples

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) for raspberry pi 4

PTZ is an abbreviation for pan, tilt and zoom and reflects the movement options of the camera, and a pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. Arducam PTZ camera for the Raspberry Pi is real PTZ with servos for directional control and varifocal lens for optical zoom, and it supports autofocus and IR cut switch control.

Arducam B0167 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Accessories

Varifocal lens with moveable lens and real optical zoom
Servo controller board for pan and tilt directional control
Work with Arducam 36mm camera board for Raspberry Pi

Multi-camera on raspberry pi 4

The upgrade V2.1 multi-camera adapter board is for both 5MP and 8MP pi cameras. The adapter board can connect 4 cameras maximum to a single pi board. It works in sequential and not simultaneously. The newest revision fixed the compatibility issue with Raspbian 9.9

Arducam B012001 Multi-Camera Adapter (4x)

Accommodate up to four 5 or 8MP Pi cameras on a multi-camera adapter board.
Work in sequential, not simultaneously
Support Raspberry Pi 4 and previous models

No InfraRed Filter (NoIR) cameras for raspberry pi 4

Sometimes you want a camera that is IR sensitive, then you need a lens without an IR filter. If you want both decent daylight picture and night vision, we have a camera module with program-controlled switchable IR filter and LED boards for day & night photography. We are also developing a newer model with a light sensor on the camera board to trigger the IR filter based on the lighting condition.

Arducam B003503 5MP Switchable IR Cut Filter Camera

Switchable IR cut filter control by software for both daylight and night vision
Light sensor-controlled IR LED boards and IR corrected lens
Work with Raspberry Pi 4 and earlier model. Include cable for Pi Zero

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