Arducam for Raspberry Pi NOIR 5MP OV5647 Camera Module Motorized IR-CUT Filter for Daylight and Night vision Support Pi 4 Zero Pi 3 Pi B/2B/ B/B+/A


  • Check Jetson Nano version SKU: B0215
  • This camera combines M12 lens flexibility, Switchable IR cut, and IR LED
  • Raspberry Pi Compatible – Work on Raspicam commands and Python scripts. Support Raspberry Pi Zero, Pi 3 b+, Pi 3, Pi B/2B/B/B+/A
  • Day/Night Camera – IR Cut filter switched in and out via software. A NoIR camera that keeps videos and images from washed out or looking pink yet still offers a decent night vision
  • Better Low Light Performance – IR corrected lens to reduce focus shift at night, and IR LED illuminator to improve the lighting condition
  • Typical Usage Scenarios – Home security and surveillance, motion detection, time-lapse photography and other Raspberry Pi camera projects
  • Accessories – 2 heat sinks for IR LED boards and 1 ribbon cable for Pi Zero included. Contact Arducam for more lens options, technical support and customer services



This 5MP NOIR pi video camera is designed for both daylight and night vision photography with build-in motorized(switchable) IR cut filter and two infrared LED illuminator boards. The motorized IR cut filter can be switched ON/OFF by software, and the infrared LEDs are automatically ON/OFF according to the light environment. The camera is fully supported all the Raspberry Pi board versions including Pi 3 and Pi Zero. It can be widely used in wild life photography, agriculture NDVI applications and etc.


  • Sensor:

                 Sensor size: 1/4” (OV5647)

                 Resolution: 5MP 2592×1944

                 Video: 1080p 30 fps, 720p 60fps, 480p 90fps

  • Lens:

                 Focal Length: 2.25 mm (You can screw the lens for focusing*)

                 Horizontal Field of View (HFOV): 85°

                 Thread Size: M12×P0.5

  • Camera Board

                3V power output for IR LED

                Built-in Motorized IR Cut filter

                Dimension: 36×36 mm, 4 mounting holes


  •  Switchable IR Cut Filter: On for daylight color accuracy, off for IR night vision.
  •  Software controllable
  •  IR Corrected Lens: Low dispersion glass that greatly reduces Focus Shift and   Chromatic Aberration, and focus light of different wavelengths on to an image   plane at the same location unlike the other lenses
  •  IR LED Illuminator: Triggered by the light sensor that decides whether the light   condition is poor and needs to be improved

Package Including:

  •    1× camera board with 5MP OV5467 sensor and IR corrected lens
  •    2× IR LED illuminator
  •    2× heat sinks
  •    1×150 mm/5.9” FFC cable for Model A and B
  •    1×150 mm/5.9” FPC cable for Pi Zero models


  •    Often, focusing a lens is performed while monitoring the image quality on a video screen
  •    The Raspberry Pi motherboard is not included in the package


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User guide.pdf





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How to purchase

You can purchase this item from Arducam distributors or Ardudcam’s Amazon store

Additional information

Camera Driver


Focus Type


Form Factor




IR sensitivity

IR Cut Switch

Lens Mount

M12 Mount



Sensor Color


Shutter Type

Rolling Shutter


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