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UVC camera modules, namely cameras complaint with the USB Video Class, are standard USB cameras that can be used on most operating platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and so on.  As they are compliant with the official standards, these cameras are easy to set up and plug-and-play with any hardware you like (PC, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano/TX2/Xavier NX/AGX, etc.). Arducam provides dozens of USB camera modules with different image sensors to shoot from HD, to Full HD (1080p), and to Ultra HD (4K). We’ve got Sony IMX sensors like IMX291, IMX179, IMX219, IMX298, IMX477, IMX323; OmniVision Sensors like OV2710, OV9281, OV7725; ON Semiconductor sensors like AR0230. Combined with different types of lenses, they can meet all kinds of needs like wide-angle, wide dynamic range (WDR), night vision, low light, zoom control, autofocus, stereo vision, and IR. The onboard microphone is also optional if you need to record the sound as well.

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