Introducing Arducam IoTai – The Ultimate IoT (Internet of Things) Board with Camera Support, Based on ESP32 and in the Shape of Arduino UNO


IoT Platform with ESP32

If you are interested in maker boards and IoT projects, you must have heard of ESP platforms such as the ESP-32 series. Considering the Wifi and Bluetooth features integrated, it is really an extremely cheap and cool gadget.

Cost-effective IoT Solution with Arduino

Arduino, on the other hand, is another widely used cost-effective open-source development platform for embedded and IoT applications. One thing we love about the Arduino platform is its IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is extremely friendly to all users, including the new starters. Since both the Arduino and ESP32 are fantastic platforms, can we figure out a way to take advantages of them both?

Arducam IoTai – ESP32 based UNO board with camera support

Arducam ESP32 UNO PSRAM (Arducam IoTai) is an upgrade to its predecessor ESP32 UNO board. It’s a solution to IoT (Internet of Things) and simple AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications based on ESP-32. This board incorporates an external 4MByte PSRAM that enlarges the RAM space and makes image capture and processing possible. The camera interface now can directly connect most of the parallel port cameras without additional hardware, like OV2640, OV7670, OV7725, etc., and transfer the image wirelessly to be used.

You can read more details about this maker board on the B0192 product page.

Applications | Camera solutions for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Jetson Nano. Camera modules and lenses.

B0192 Arducam IoTai ESP32 UNO PSRAM with OV2640 Camera

Arducam IoTai, aka Arducam ESP32 UNO PSRAM, is our ultimate IoT (Internet of Things) board based on ESP32 for cost-effective IoT camera solution with Arduino compatibility

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The board is also designed for battery-powered portable devices with its onboard battery charging circuits and supports lithium battery power supply. The SD card slot is an extra add-on for those advanced applications that require larger storage.

Based on open-source face detection and recognition library, it supports face detection and recognition in low frame rate. Its low power feature makes it an ideal solution for home security and IoT camera applications. The Arducam team also provides customized design and manufacture services, contact us for more information.

IoT Camera Module - Multi Camera Array 

The Arducam board supports both Arduino IDE and ESP-IDF software development tools, keeps the same form of factors and pinout as the standard Arduino UNO R3 board, and makes the Arduino shields reusable. That also applies to our SPI camera multiplexer shield. You can connect our multi-camera adapter to the Arducam IoTai as you would expect on a UNO board.

Low-Cost Smart Edge AI Camera

The ESP32 processor has dual-core 32bit CPU which can run up to 240MHz with a processing power of 600 DMIPS. It is fast enough to handle some image processing tasks like object detection and tracking, or even AI neuron network recognition like face detection and recognition. We have a video demo where you can see the Arducam IoTai board is running neuron network facial recognition algorithm and sending the result to the web browser through WIFI connection.

World Smallest ESP8266 WIFI Camera

ArduCAM now released a world smallest low cost ESP8266 WIFI IoT camera kit based on ArduCAM-Mini-2MP-V2 and ArduCAM-ESP8266-Nano module. User can implement a 2MP WIFI camera using HTTP or Websocket protocol on ESP8266, and the camera can be acted as an AP and mobile phone/PC can connect to the camera directly or acted as a Station which connected to the home router. The kit can capture 2MP full resolution JPEG still image, even stream low resolution at fairly frame rate video over network or directly save to local SD/TF card. The kit is suitable for portable application, it can be powered from micro-USB or using battery and has build in lithium battery charging circuits. The kit can also be used separately, it is almost identical to standard alone ArduCAM-Mini-2MP camera and ESP8266-12F module. Continue reading “World Smallest ESP8266 WIFI Camera” »

24 x 24mm Coin Size Raspberry Pi Compatible Board

ArduCAM team now is developing a coin size Raspberry Pi compatible compute module. The total size of the SOM is 24mm x 24mm, compared to the offical Raspberry Pi compute module and new Pi ZERO, it will be the smallest Raspberry Pi compatible module in the world. The coin size pi compute module is fully customizable and can offer the extra features that wasn’t provided by the standard Raspberry Pi boards. User can run the system on a small 36mm x 36mm adapter mother board with camera support. It is ideal for battery powered portable device lilke smart watch, action camera etc. The highlight feature of this coin size pi module, it supports dual camera interface and stereo vision which can be used in robots for machine vision applications or high definition drone camera. Contact us for more information about customization. Note it is not a replacement for Raspberry Pi boards, just a supplement for Raspberry Pi ecosystem and Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. (This post made Raspberry Pi engineer and forum moderator very upset and they said that it will would breach the bootloader license. But thanks to Kristina Brooks work on an open source bootloader for Raspberry Pi, released under BSD and GPLv2+, and not including any “Raspberry Pi only” conditions, although it is a “poor” alternate at the time being, and a lot of fans build bare metal firmware.  said it could also end up being killed and will never see the light of day, just as what happened to ODROID-W board, but they can’t kill the spirit of hacking just for funs and keep us away from building something new. Once again I have to emphasize that it is not a replacement of Raspberry Pi boards, please order pi boards from Pi foundation. Our SOM maybe double or even triple price than standard pi boards, so this SOM is only available for someone who really need it and NDA required.)

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Multi Camera Adapter Module for Raspberry Pi


The latest V2.1 multi-camera adapter board can be found from here.


Raspberry Pi multi camera adapter module is designed for connecting more than one camera to a single CSI camera port on Raspberry Pi board. One adapter board can connect 4 cameras and user can stack up maxim 4 adapter boards that means up to 16 cameras on a single Raspberry Pi board. Continue reading “Multi Camera Adapter Module for Raspberry Pi” »