ArduCAM now released a world smallest low cost ESP8266 WIFI IoT camera kit based on ArduCAM-Mini-2MP-V2 and ArduCAM-ESP8266-Nano module. User can implement a 2MP WIFI camera using HTTP or Websocket protocol on ESP8266, and the camera can be acted as an AP and mobile phone/PC can connect to the camera directly or acted as a Station which connected to the home router. The kit can capture 2MP full resolution JPEG still image, even stream low resolution at fairly frame rate video over network or directly save to local SD/TF card. The kit is suitable for portable application, it can be powered from micro-USB or using battery and has build in lithium battery charging circuits. The kit can also be used separately, it is almost identical to standard alone ArduCAM-Mini-2MP camera and ESP8266-12F module.


  • 2MP image sensor OV2640, support JPEG
  • Standard FOV 60°stock lens
  • I2C interface for the sensor configuration
  • SPI interface for camera commands and data stream
  • Onboard ES8266-12F module
  • Build in Lithium battery recharging 3.7V/500mA max
  • Build in SD/TF card socket
  • Build in micro USB-Serial convertor
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Small form of factor


  • Maximum resolution: 2MP
  • Field of view: 60°
  • Compression: JPEG/MJPEG
  • Interface: SPI and I2C
  • WIFI mode: 802.11 b/g/n software AP or Station mode
  • Power consumption: 180mA @ 3.7V full running
  • Mechanical size: 34mm(L) x 24mm(W) x 23(D)

Software and Document

The evaluation kit user guide can be download from here. The ESP8266 library and example sketches can be found from github. Host PC streaming application can be downloaded from here for Windows, and here for Linux.

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