Up The Camera Game for Raspberry Pi

16MP Autofocus Camera Module

for Raspberry Pi

16mp autofocus camera

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16 megapixels that are better than high quality camera

16MP Camera Module
for All Pis

2 times higher resolution than the v2 camera, 40% higher than the HQ camera. Based on the 16MP Sony IMX519 sensor, this new camera module gives all Raspberry Pi hackers every bit of power they need to build future-proof projects.

V1/V2 Size,
with PDAF Autofocus

The community has been craving autofocus in Pi cameras, so we took the advice. We gave this camera the classic V1/V2 form factor so you can add hassle-free upgrades to your existing projects. Also, we adapted PDAF for 16MP Camera recently which will greatly improve the focusing speed.

same form factors like the camera module v1 or v2 f
camera module v3 offers better quality

Crisper Images/Videos Than The HQ Camera.

It’s not just the resolution bump, the “quality” is way higher than the HQ Camera too. With the same camera tuning algorithms from the foundation, this module beats the Raspberry Pi HQ camera in every aspect. (sharpness/saturation/exposure/etc.)

Open Source for Everyone.

Less for us, more for you. We want it to help push the Raspberry Pi and embedded ML/MV forward, everything about this camera will be truly open source.

the arducam camera module v3 is open source
officially supported by raspberry pi

Officially Supported by Raspberry Pi.

Plug it into the camera connector and start building right away. You can use this module just like the official Pi cameras, It works with the default camera applications pre-installed in the Raspberry Pi OS, no extra configuration is required.

2x Higher Specs, Only Half The Cost.

Get a huge performance boost without spending more. 25 US dollars ($50 for a lensless HQ module), 16 megapixels (8MP for the V2 module), and with dozens of new features, we expect it to take the 4th spot after the V1, V2 and HQ camera.

high performance low cost camera module for pi
imx519 offer the best price performance ratio in embedded cameras

Up The Camera Game for Raspberry Pi

We look to help the industry build low-cost embedded camera systems for hundreds of real-world applications.

Sample Images from The 16MP Autofocus Camera

Comparing The Specs

Arducam Autofocus Camera Camera Module V2 HQ Camera
Net Price $25 $25 $50 (without lens)
Sensor Sony IMX519 Sony IMX219 Sony IMX477
Optical Size Type 1/2.53″Type 1/4″Type 1/2.3″
Sensor Resolution4656×3496 pixels 3280 × 2464 pixels 4056 x 3040 pixels
Still Resolution16 Megapixels 8 Megapixels 12.3 Megapixels
Camera CaseYes No No
FocusAuto Fixed Manual
Video Modes 1080p30, 720p60 1080p30, 720p60 and 640 × 480p60/90 1080p30, 720p60 and 640 × 480p60/90
Linux integrationV4L2 driver available V4L2 driver available V4L2 driver available
Focal ratio (F-Stop)1.75 2.0 Depends on lens
Focal length4.28 mm 3.04 mm Depends on lens

Flexibility First

What Others Say

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User Applications

Timelapse wIth Arducam 16MP


the latest arducam camera module works with the rpi foundation
NVLogo 2D H
hackaday logo
Hackster works with arducam too
toms hardware review of the arducam autofocus camera


Is this camera compatible with all Raspberry Pi Models?

Any Pi model that has a MIPI connector can use this camera.

Is the IR-cut filter removable? Or will there be a NoIR version?

No, you can not remove the IR-CUT filter. We have the NoIR version planned.

What’s the size of the sensor?

The camera has a 7.103 mm (1/2.534″) diagonal image size, it’s also a back-side illuminated sensor, just like the Raspberry Pi HQ camera.

What is the highest resolution and frame rate?

There’re the video modes you can get with Raspberry Pi:

  • 1920×1080@30fps
  • 1280×720@120fps

Is 4K at 30fps possible?

You can capture 4656×3496 still images. But for video, it’s impossible with a Raspberry Pi. 

The camera itself is capable of capturing 4K@30fps video, but the Pi is the bottleneck.

Does it support HDR photo/video capture?

Yes, it supports SME-HDR with equivalent full pixels.

What’s the minimum focus distance?

The closest you can get is 10cm. The focus range of this camera: 10cm ~ ∞.

What’s the FoV of the onboard lens?

The lens on this camera has an 80° viewing angle.

What’s the longest allowed exposure time?

200 seconds.

Is it compatible with all the camera housings/mounts designed for V1/V2?

Yes. We gave it the same board design and is compatible with any camera enclosures that work with V1 or V2.

Can I use it as a webcam?

You can turn it into a high-resolution webcam with any Raspberry Pi, there’re plenty of tutorials you can follow.

And If you want to use only the camera module as a webcam (UVC-compliant), we have the Raspberry Pi High Quality camera available here.

Can I use it on my telescope?

With a bit of modification, yes. We have seen many astrophotography projects with the official Pi cameras, you can follow the same instructions.

Can I use this camera module with hardware other than Raspberry Pi?

Support for Nvidia Jetson Nano/Xavier NX boards is still in the works.

However, with the help of our USB 3 camera dev kit, you can use this camera, or any of the official (V1, V2, HQ) cameras on any platform you want.

Can I use it with longer flex cables?

300mm FPC cables can still work. If you want the cable to be longer, use it with our CSI-to-HDMI adapter.

Does it work with your CSI-to-HDMI adapter?

Yes, you can use it with our CSI-to-HDMI connector for longer cable lengths.

Does it work with your stereo camera HAT and multiplexers?

Yes, we have stereo camera kits planned, and you can use this camera with our multiplexers too.

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