16MP Autofocus Camera for Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano/NX

$ 24.99


  • 16 Megapixel: 2 times higher res, half the cost.
  • Autofocus: most versatile AF (Manual/Continuous/etc.) experience on a Pi camera.
  • Sharper Images/videos: Higher quality than the HQ camera.
  • V1/V2 Size: hassle-free upgrades to your existing projects.
  • Open Source: truly accessible to all.

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A 16MP autofocus high-resolution camera board that takes what Raspberry Pi V1, V2, and HQ have to offer, and excels in every single aspect.

It takes zero compromises in specs. With a resolution of 16 megapixels (compared to 8MP and 12MP), an autofocus lens, a V2-like form factor, and boatloads of improvements, the camera provide a better choice for a whole world of industrial/consumer/etc. applications, it’s compatible with any existing Pi models, work with the latest software from the foundation, and leverages the same tuning algorithms used in the official camera modules.

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The Birth Story

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Resolution & Frame Rate on Jetson: 4656×[email protected], 3840×[email protected], 1920×[email protected], 1280×[email protected]


Packing List

  • 1 x Arducam 16MP-AF Camera Module
  • 1 x FPC Cable (15cm)


*To use the camera on Pi Zero and 2 W, you need this.
**Get the camera enclosure here.


Is this camera compatible with all Raspberry Pi Models?
Any Pi model that has a MIPI connector can use this camera.
What’s the minimum focus distance?
The closest you can get is 10cm. The focus range of this camera: 10cm ~ ∞.
What’s the longest allowed exposure time?
200 seconds.
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