USB to UVC adapter for Raspberry Pi camera module 3

First things first

We just released two new IMX708 12MP Camera UVC buddle kits. One is with a standard lens and the other is with a 102° wide-angle lens.


MIPI CSI-2 equipped RPi camera modules had long missed the chance to turn webcams.

It’d been a pity for many RPi fans. Because Pi cameras (especially after the 12.3 megapixels Sony IMX477 HQ camera was released in the year 2020) always perform so well not only in the respect of image quality but also their cost-effectiveness and ease to be customized. That sounds perfect to be used as their webcams, right?

The obstacle is the limitation of MIPI CSI.

MIPI CSI is the world’s most widely implemented embedded camera and imaging interface. It achieved widespread adoption for its ease of use and ability to support a broad range of high-performance applications. However, when it comes to compatibility and convenience, MIPI CSI will definitely lose the game to the UVC* interface. First, not every platform has MIPI CSI. Second, running a MIPI camera requires a dedicated driver. Third, lots of applications (especially live streaming) do not work with the original drivers.

*UVC, also known as the USB video class or USB video device class, is a USB device class that describes devices capable of streaming video like webcams, digital camcorders, transcoders, analog video converters, and still-image cameras. Webcams are among the first devices to support the UVC standard and are currently the most popular UVC devices. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android all support USB video devices.

Well, considering the cost factor, you might go for using a Pi Zero to set up a webcam. Yeah, that’s something you can do. However, it has some disadvantages.
The Raspberry Pi Zero has limited processing power compared to other Raspberry Pi models, which means it may struggle to handle high-resolution video streams. Other drawbacks include limited RAM, connectivity, storage, camera options, and software support.

What We’ve Done

With a born ambition, Arducam felt restless in front of this unsatisfied demand. So, back in the year 2020, we decided to have the RPi HQ IMX477 camera turn into a UVC camera. To put it simply, we created a piece of dedicated adapter board that converts MIPI CSI to UVC.

That means you turn your IMX477 into a webcam!

Going Further

This time, let’s move on further.

Together with launching the new Arducam IMX708 12MP camera module, we make them a bundle kit. That is, you don’t choose between an IMX708 12MP camera module and a webcam, you get both, combined.

See our demo.

Quick Start

For hardware preparation, assembly and connection, program download, and how to use it, visit the detailed user guide.

Quick Buy

IMX708 USB UVC Fixed-Focus Camera Module 3

IMX708-Wide 102-Degree USB UVC Fixed-Focus Camera Module 3

  • Compatible with All Platforms: Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and so on.
  • Plug and Play: Integrated All pre-training examples. No additional driver is needed.
  • High Resolution: Based on Sony 12MP IMX708 High-Resolution Image Sensor. Active Pixels: 4608(H)x2592(V)
  • Fixed Focus Lens: Equipped with High-Quality Fixed Focus Lens. Integral 650nm IR-cut filter.
  • Two options: Standard IMX708 UVC camera kit & Wide Angle Version.
  • Wide Angle: Equipped with a Wide-Angle Lens, FOV:120°(D)x102°(H)x67°(V). Integral 650nm IR-cut filter.

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