Brief of Arducam Mega SDK

Arducam has released Arducam Mega SDK for Arducam Mega camera. The SDK is a C and C++ package, containing convenience classes and functions that help in most common tasks while using Arducam Mega API. We support both C API and C++ API. The SDK contains HAL layer and Arducam Mega Cam protocol layer and API.

SDK framework:


Arducam SDK library provides C API and C++ API. About API’s function, Users can get details from C API Reference and C++ API Reference. The function of the Arducam Mega Cam protocol layer is used to communicate with spi camera. The function of the HAL layer is used to compatible with multiple platforms. At present, the SDK has supported Arduino UNO/Arduino Mega2560/ ESP32 /ESP8266/STM32/MSP430/PICO/RPI platform. The Platform specific SPI bus driver is used to communicate with specific hardware platform. If users want to adapt the SDK on your own specific platform, you should modify this layer and HAL layer. For the details, please contact for further support.

Users can refer to Quick started to start to use the sdk easily. SDK has provided demos on some platforms that SDK has supported. Referring Example Guide for details.

Typical System Block:


Users can refer to GUI tool to get more about how to use Arducam Mega GUI.