Arducam Camarray Solutions

Expand a single CSI connector into several to connect and sync more MIPI cameras to your embedded systems like Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Nano/Xavier NX, and more.

The 2nd Gen.Arduchip Stereo Camera Solution

Arducam’s breakthrough in simultaneously connecting more than one camera on regular Pi boards started in 2019 – when the Arducam stereo camera HAT is released to connect two cameras and synchronize them at clock level by I2C broadcaeting and oscillator sharing.

The Camarray HAT is the second generation of Arducam multi-camera HAT solution. It adds support for RPi 12MP IMX477 HQ camera, and has stereo-camera and quad-camera HAT variations. It now supports global shutter cameras for machine vision.

B0265R 01

Support Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano/Xavier NX, and more

As long as the camera already works on those popular embedded systems. Arducam Camarray makes multiple of them possible.



V1/V2/HQ on Raspberry Pi



IMX219/IMX477 on Jetson Nano/Xavier NX



OV9281/OV2311 and more possible on request

More Connectors, More Possibilities

Arducam Camarray HAT solution allows you to connect more than one camera to a single MIPI CSI-2 camera interface. If you have more MIPI interface available on your processing board, it can be double, tripled or even quad your camera connectivity.


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Technical specialist

Our camera specialist can help setup a remote debug to narrow them down.

Give and Take

Give – What limits are the reality

The MIPI Lanes and output bandwidth

Limited resolution and framerates with multiple cameras connected via a single CSI connector.

Take -What limits we can break

The number of the physical connectors

You get to view and utilize the video feed from more cameras.