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USB to UVC adapter for Raspberry Pi camera module 3
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best enclosure with mounts for Raspberry Pi camera module 3

Up The Camera Game for Raspberry Pi

12MP IMX708 Camera Module 3 for Raspberry Pi

when in HDR mode you can only get 3MP max

12MP HDR Camera Module 3 for All.

All cameras are based on SONY 12MP IMX708 Back-illuminated, stacked CMOS image sensor. Built-in High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and 2D Dynamic Defect Pixel Correction (DPC). Allows HDR mode output (up to 3 megapixels)

Plenty of Varieties for Your Projects

At present, we have designed and released Official Camera Module 3 with Arducam Acrylic Case Kit, USB UVC Camera Kit, and Fixed Focus Camera Module 3. These camera variants can assist you in capturing high-quality images in a multitude of scenarios and situations, enabling you to complete your projects more effectively.

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Open Source for Everyone.

Less for us, more for you. Whether it’s an official camera or an Arducam camera, both can provide you with immense freedom. We want it to help push the Raspberry Pi and embedded ML/MV forward, everything about this camera will be truly open source.

camera module v3 offers better quality

Crisper Images/Videos Than The HQ Camera.

It’s not just the resolution bump, the “quality” is way higher than the HQ Camera too. With the same camera tuning algorithms from the foundation, this module beats the Raspberry Pi HQ camera in every aspect. (sharpness/saturation/exposure/etc.)

Open Source for Everyone.

Less for us, more for you. Whether it’s an official camera or an Arducam camera, both can provide you with immense freedom. We want it to help push the Raspberry Pi and embedded ML/MV forward, everything about this camera will be truly open source.

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Arducam Camera Module 3 Series for Raspberry Pi

We look to help everyone build low-cost embedded camera projects for hundreds of real-world applications.

Common Specs

Image SensorIMX708
Optical Size1/2.43(7.4mm sensor diagonal)
Number of effective pixels4608(H) × 2592(V)
Pixel Size1.4μm × 1.4μm
InterfaceMIPI CSI-2 Interface
Shutter TypeRolling Shutter
Color FilterColor
Common Video Mode1080p50, 720p100, 480p120
Output FormatRAW10

Fixed Focus Camera Module 3

The six Camera Modules 3 released by Raspberry Pi all feature Autofocus, which can meet shooting needs at different distances. But fixed-focus has faster imaging speed, more stable image focus, and higher quality images. Arducam has currently released three cameras with different degrees:
1. Arducam 66°(H) Fixed-Focus Camera Module
2. Arducam 102°(H) Wide Angle Fixed-Focus Camera Module
3. Arducam 120°(H) M12 Lens Ultra Wide Angle Fixed-Focus Camera Module

708120° Ultra
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Arducam Camera Case for Camera Module 3

Do you need an elegant enclosure for your camera? Great! Arducam camera acrylic cases for Raspberry Pi are fully compatible with the official camera module 3.

Multi-Camera Kit

Here old friend comes, Arducam Multi-Camera Kit for Camera Module 3 is now available. Based on Arducam’s mature multi-camera solution, we have designed a four-camera synchronization kit for the IMX708 camera, which will greatly enhance the effectiveness and achievement of your depth vision projects.

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USB to UVC adapter for Raspberry Pi camera module 3

USB UVC Camera with IMX708

The MIPI CSI interface is fast and stable, but its compatibility and convenience are far from that of the USB interface compatible with the UVC protocol. Compatibility with UVC means plug-and-play. Our UVC USB kit based on the IMX708 sensor is designed to achieve universal compatibility across all platforms and systems.

Arducam Autofocus Camera Module 3

After the official release of the third-generation camera module with phase autofocus by Raspberry Pi, the Arducam team recently released an IMX708 autofocus module with ultra-high cost performance. The camera module uses a focus method that combines PDAF and CDAF and is a powerful assistant for your various projects.

Arducam 12MP IMX708 MIPI Pi B0311 7

Accessories List

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IMX708 Camera or Webcam? Combined.

First things first We just released two new IMX708 12MP Camera UVC buddle kits. One is with a standard lens and the other is with a 102° wide-angle lens. Inspiration MIPI CSI-2 equipped RPi camera modules had long missed the chance to turn webcams. It’d been a pity for many RPi fans. Because Pi cameras […]

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Go Panoramic w/ Four IMX708 Cams & Our HAT.

What is it like when you take a panoramic view photo with your cell phone? Hold tight to the phone and move slowly from left to right, and finally see a zigzag edge on the joints …… 🙁 How about the below one? Taken by four IMX708 12MP cameras standing still. Not bad, huh? So, […]

camera module 3 accessories

Accessories You Can Use with RPi Camera Module 3

Fancy an upgrade, eh? The old V1/V2 setup of yours is officially outdated, and the next camera project you’ve been thinking about can finally come to fruition, and you have just found one more reason to start that OpenCV course you were hesitant about, all because of the V3 cameras. The official Camera Module V3 […]



Is this camera compatible with all Raspberry Pi Models?

Any Pi model that has a MIPI connector can use this camera.

Is the IR-cut filter removable? Or will there be a NoIR version?

No, you can not remove the IR-CUT filter. We have the NoIR version planned.

What’s the size of the sensor?

The camera has a 7.103 mm (1/2.534″) diagonal image size, it’s also a back-side illuminated sensor, just like the Raspberry Pi HQ camera.

What is the highest resolution and frame rate?

There’re the video modes you can get with Raspberry Pi:

  • 1920×1080@30fps
  • 1280×720@120fps

Is 4K at 30fps possible?

You can capture 4656×3496 still images. But for video, it’s impossible with a Raspberry Pi. 

The camera itself is capable of capturing 4K@30fps video, but the Pi is the bottleneck.

Does it support HDR photo/video capture?

Yes, it supports SME-HDR with equivalent full pixels.

What’s the minimum focus distance?

The closest you can get is 10cm. The focus range of this camera: 10cm ~ ∞.

What’s the FoV of the onboard lens?

The lens on this camera has an 80° viewing angle.

What’s the longest allowed exposure time?

200 seconds.

Is it compatible with all the camera housings/mounts designed for V1/V2?

Yes. We gave it the same board design and is compatible with any camera enclosures that work with V1 or V2.

Can I use it as a webcam?

You can turn it into a high-resolution webcam with any Raspberry Pi, there’re plenty of tutorials you can follow.

And If you want to use only the camera module as a webcam (UVC-compliant), we have the Raspberry Pi High Quality camera available here.

Can I use it on my telescope?

With a bit of modification, yes. We have seen many astrophotography projects with the official Pi cameras, you can follow the same instructions.

Can I use this camera module with hardware other than Raspberry Pi?

Support for Nvidia Jetson Nano/Xavier NX boards is still in the works.

However, with the help of our USB 3 camera dev kit, you can use this camera, or any of the official (V1, V2, HQ) cameras on any platform you want.

Can I use it with longer flex cables?

300mm FPC cables can still work. If you want the cable to be longer, use it with our CSI-to-HDMI adapter.

Does it work with your CSI-to-HDMI adapter?

Yes, you can use it with our CSI-to-HDMI connector for longer cable lengths.

Does it work with your stereo camera HAT and multiplexers?

Yes, we have stereo camera kits planned, and you can use this camera with our multiplexers too.

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