Pan Tilt Platform for Raspberry Pi & Nvidia Jetson Cameras

$ 26.99

Pan Tilt Kit: Specifically designed for a broader view on raspberry pi camera  V3/V2/V1 and Arducam 16mp/64mp/Mini HQ cameras.

  • More Coverage: free 180 panning and tilting.
  • Highly Compatible: works with V1/V2/HQ and most Arducam cameras.
  • Customized Control Board: I2C controls, and outputs the PWM signals to drive the servo motors directly.
  • Mini Digital Servos: GH-S37D digital servos for a faster speed, higher torque and precision.
  • Easy to use: super quick assembly with simplified wiring.

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A super handy PT bracket that turns any Pi camera into a pan-tilt system for applications that need more single-camera coverage.


Two PT Cameras for Jetson Nano

The PT kit is compatible with both the official V1/V2/HQ cameras and Arducam OV5647/IMX219/IMX477 series.

More about our PTZ camera solutions >


Digital Servo

  • Torque: 0.6 kg/cm at 3.6V, 0.8 kg/cm at 4.8V
  • Operating Speed: 0.13sec/60° at 3.6V, 0.09sec/60° at 4.8V
  • Operating Voltage: 3.6v~4.8v
  • Operating Current: <350mA
  • Dead Band: 3 usec
  • Dimension: 20mm x 8.75mm x 22mm

Customized Control Board

  • PWM resolution: 12-bit
  • Communication interface: I2C
  • Operating voltage: 3V-5V
  • Dimension: 38mm x 28mm


Compatible with Multiple Cameras

The PT bracket is compatible with Raspberry Pi cameras that has the same size of the official raspberry pi Camera Module 3/V1/V2 and Arducam 16mp/64 mp/Mini HQ camera.
Arducam OV5647(B0033)/IMX219(B0390)/IMX477 Series (B0240)
Arducam 16MP camera (B0371)
Arducam 64MP camera (B0399)
Arducam Mini HQ camera (B0303R)

Note for Supported Raspberry Pi Boards and OS
Raspberry Pi 5   
Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3A+ / Zero / Zero 2 W 
Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3+ / CM4
(extra carrier board required)


Package Including

  • 2 x Digital servos
  • 1 set of upgraded bracket pieces
  • 1 x Customized control board
  • 4 x Female to female jumper wires (The wire has no fixed color)
  • 1 x Screws pack
  • 1 x Manual


Does the PT kit work on other platforms other than Pi?
Yes, but it needs assorted driver software.
Can I make manual pan/tilt adjustments?


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