Arducam CSI to HDMI Cable Extension Module with 15pin 60mm FPC Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera Specific (Pack of 2, 1 Set)

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  • This Arducam CSI to HDMI Cable Extension Module is to extend the Raspberry Pi camera cable with a standard HDMI cable, it works with the V1 and V2 cameras
  • By using high-speed HDMI cable, the camera can run over 10 meters, that high extend the usage of the Raspberry pi cameras
  • In addition to extend the camera signal, the adapter board provides another 3 signals to be extend with the camera signals together via the headphone jack connector
  • It can be used to extend standard audio signals, GPIO signals or other sensor signals according to users need
  • If you need a longer and stronger cable with solid connections, it is the right thing for you. This system works with all Raspberry Pi models
SKU: B0091 Categories: , Tags: ,
SKU: B0091 Categories: , Tags: ,



This is an adapter that uses the HDMI signal to extend the CSI signal of Raspberry Pi cameras, which could be much longer than using an extension ribbon cable. It’s used in pairs and you need another standard HDMI cable to use this adapter.


  • Supported for Raspberry Pi A/B/B+ boards or Raspberry Pi 2B board or Raspberry Pi 3B board
  • Supported for Raspberry Pi camera board V1 (5MP OV5647) or raspberry pi camera board V2 (8MP IMX219)
  • HDMI cables can be up to 10 meters (more than 10 meters wasn’t tested)
  • Reserved microphone and headphone jack for audio or GPIO signals
  • Three additional solder pads are available (same signals as a headphone jack)
  • Size:27.63 x 25.00mm

Package Including

  • 2pcs Arducam CSI to HDMI Cable Extension Module
  • 2pcs 60mm 15pin FPC cable
  • 4sets M2 screw



User guide.pdf

How to purchase:

You can purchase this item from Arducam distributors or Arducam’s Amazon store

3 reviews for Arducam CSI to HDMI Cable Extension Module with 15pin 60mm FPC Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera Specific (Pack of 2, 1 Set)

  1. Mahdi

    Dear there
    I’m working on a project to process incoming images from a camera through the video transmitter and reciever. The reciever gives an hdmi output of the camera. I was wondering if it’s possible to show the hdmi feed on the rpi4 with this module.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • [email protected]

      Hello Mahdi, I’m afraid that your application is not possible with this adapter. This adapter uses an HDMI cable to extend the CSI-2 signal, so at the core, it’s still just transmitting (without any processing) the MIPI CSI-2 signal. A video capture device is the solution.

  2. Oki

    Hi, this works well on the RPi4 with RPi HQ camera. Should it work with this camera on a Jetson Nano (assuming the camera drivers etc are installed)?

  3. David Delibasic

    Is there any specific HDMI cable I should use? I got it working with some 5m cables, but not (for example) 1.5m cable. All cables were from different manufacturers. For my application i’d need 10m cable.

    • Lee Jackson

      If you want to reach 10m, Contact us for customized cables.

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