200mm Sensor Extension Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2/V3, Support Working on Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano

$ 11.99

  • Developed for V3: Specially designed and made for Raspberry Pi V3 camera
  • Easy to SetUp: Just need to detach the connectors and re-attach it with the cable
  • Space Saving: 9mm width and 0.1mm thickness. A powerful assistant for your narrow space projects
  • Compatiblity: Raspberry Pi V2/V3; Part of Arducam IMX219 Cameras
  • Multi Platform: Support working with V2/V3 on Raspberry Pi and IMX219 on Nvidia Jetson

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After the release of the Raspberry Pi V2 camera, we designed a unique camera extension cable (B0186) to meet the requirement for camera extension. The extension cable can extend the working distance of the camera and ensure signal transmission.
With the release of the latest Raspberry Pi V3 camera module, we specially made this Sensor Extension Cable adapt to the V3 extension solution.
You just need to remove the connector and reconnect the camera board and the connector with an extension cable. There is no need to install an additional driver.
Meanwhile, this cable is not only compatible with Raspberry Pi V2/V3 cameras but can work directly with Arducam IMX219 cameras. As for platform compatibility, you can also use this cable with IMX219 Camera on Nvidia Jetson Nano.


  • Designed for V3: A fresh Arducam design to extend your camera vision on the latest released Raspberry Pi Camera Module V3
  • Easy to SetUp: Just need to peel off the sensor from the connector on the camera board and put our cable in between. No additional Driver is needed
  • Support V2/V3 and More: Not only work with Raspberry Pi V2/V3 camera. Also compatible with Arducam IMX219 Drop in Replacement cameras
  • Flexible Vision: The flexible and narrow cable body allows you to place it in narrow places such as enclosures and holes, saving you space while completing your projects
  • Wide Compatibility: Support working with IMX219 and IMX708 image sensors. Compatible with Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson Nano platforms.


Supported SensorIMX219/IMX708
Cable Length200mm
Cable Width9mm
Cable Thickness0.1mm
Electromagnetic shieldingWith Electromagnetic shielding
Supported PlatformRaspberry Pi/Nvidia Jetson Nano

Package Including

  • 1 x  Arducam 200mm extension cable for Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano Camera Module


  • The Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2/V3 is NOT included in the package.
  • The cable is mainly designed for V2/V3 Camera Module. It does NOT support 5MP V1 cameras or any other sensors.
  • Please detach and re-attach the connectors gently and carefully, otherwise you might cause damage to the connection.
  • Please Note that a camera board is needed to work with this extension cable
  • This cable is released for the official NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Kit, and it does not guarantee to support other third-party boards.

Supported Cameras

Focus TypeAutofocusFixed FocusManual FocusAutofocusAutofocusManual FocusManual FocusFixed FocusFixed FocusManual FocusAutofocusManual FocusFixed Focus




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