This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the ArduCAM shield on Arduino UNO board, aim the point and press a snapshot button you will get a BMP picture saved on the SD/TF card.

When you get the package you will have the following items:

*1x ArduCAM shield

*1x Arduino UNO compatible board

*1x Supported camera module

You will still need a Micro SD / TF card to complete this tutorial.

First plug the camera module to the ArduCAM shield, please note that the camera module may have more pins than the socket. So please align the pins on the left and leave the right pins left open like the way on the picture.

Next step we have to insert the Micro SD/TF card into the card socket. And make sure the 2 way DIP switch on the ArduCAM shield is on the ON position.

Download the latest ArduCAM firmware library from section. Then unzip the library to the Arduino/libraries directory like this way. There are two libraries needed for ArduCAM shield, one is ArduCAM library and the other named UTFT4ArduCAM library which is derived from the UTFT library for the proper operation for the 3.2″ LCD.

Open the example folder unziped from the zip file, you will see several demos for different camera module. Then open the demo according to the camera module you have. Hera use MT9D111 for example. Select the correct COM port for your Arduino UNO board and upload the firmware.

After successfully downloading the firmware, wait for the board to restart. You will see the preview video on the LCD screen, aim the point you want to take a picture and press buttom the LCD screen will freeze and wait for 10 seconds, a 320×240 RGB565 BMP file will be saved.

Here is a very nice picture get from MT9D111 camera module.

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