Arducam Introduces 8MP IMX219 Auto Focus, Wide Angle, Zero-Distortion and Spy Camera to the NVidia Jetson Nano



The Jetson Nano is a powerful single board computer from NVidia. Featuring the extraordinary GPU performance, this NVidia development board is widely used in image processing applications like motion-tracking, face recognition and home surveillance camera systems, and a smart camera is a key to realizing all of them. However, currently, the market does not offer many Jetson Nano cameras to choose from. Those cameras are either expensive or not able to cover the various user demands.


The NVidia Jetson Nano is a significant rival to the Raspberry Pi as it provides much better performances at a reasonable price tag, and at the same time, it keeps a similar appearance and functionalities for the compatibilities. The Raspberry Pi camera V2, for example, is compatible with and used a lot on the Jetson Nano.

How to Use Camera Modules on Jetson Nano

There are not many instructions about how to use the camera module on Jetson Nano, and here is our video demo:

The Raspberry Pi camera V2 is an 8 megapixel camera module with the Sony IMX219 sensor. If you are on a Raspberry Pi, you might have to go with the official Raspberry Pi camera module V2, but that’s not the case for the Jetson Nano.

As one of the major manufactures of the camera modules for the Raspberry Pi, Arducam is glad to bring the varieties of the Raspberry Pi cameras to the Jetson Nano community. We are thrilled to introduce our newest 8MP IMX219 camera modules for the NVidia Jetson Nano. You will be able to use autofocus or a spy camera on Jetson Nano, and the M12 Mount (S-Mount) also ensures that you will have a variety of lens to choose from, whether it’s a telescope, wide angle, fisheye or zero distortion lens, and that’s definitely a good news for those looking for a Jetson Nano camera lens.

Basic Model for Jetson Nano camera – Stock Lens

300mm Sensor Extension cable for Jetson Nano

Autofocus camera for Jetson Nano

M12 Low-Distortion Lens Camera for Jetson Nano

Wide Angle M12 Lens Camera for Jetson Nano

Second Generation ArduCAM USB2.0 Camera Shield

The second generation of Arducam USB2.0 shield is designed to replace the old one released on March 2017 while keeping the same form of factor and software compatible. The highlight of the new USB2.0 camera shield is that it has onboard 8MByte hardware frame buffer, and overcome the bandwidth and dropping frames issue when using the software frame buffer scheme. In addition, with onboard frame buffer it supports synchronized multiple cameras taking images exactly at the same time. Now it well supports both PC and embedded system like Raspberry Pi, and also can provide customized support for Odroid, Beaglebone Black, Nvidia JETSON TK/TX boards.


  • Support any parallel image sensors
  • Support 8/10/12 bit pixel color depth
  • Build-in IRCUT control  (optional)
  • Need extra MIPI to parallel adapter board for supporting MIPI interface sensors
  • Support x86 PC, ARM 32/64bit, Odroid C2, Raspberry Pi hardware platforms
  • Support Windows, Linux OS, ROS
  • Support C/C++, Python Programming Languages
  • Fully customizable and can be ported to other hardware platform and software OS
  • Provide free binary SDK library and demo software source code


  • Bandwidth:480Mbps USB2.0
  • I/O Voltage Standard: 3.3V
  • Connector: Micro-USB2.0
  • Onboard Frame Buffer 8MBytes
  • Size: 40 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Power Consumption: 5V/300mA
  • Operation Temperature: -10℃~+55℃

Table 1 Featured Parallel Camera Modules Supported

Resolution Frame RateCamera ModuleSensor Vendor

Video Demo


Arducam USB2 Camera Shield DataSheet
Arducam USB2 Camera Shield User Guide
Arducam USB Camera Shield SDK C/C++ User Guide
Arducam USB Camera Shield SDK Python User Guide

Check out the camera shield or buy it from one of our distributors now!