Stereo Camera HAT

Stereo Vision for Every Pi

Proprietary ArduChip to disguise the dual-cam setup as a natively supported camera module, and endow the only camera port with more possibilities

b0195s8mp1 stereo camera hat

Rethink the possibilities of Pi cameras

Innovative. Revolutionary.

stereo camera hat ports

Dual Cam, Full Sync

It allows you to connect two 5MP OV5647 or two 8MP IMX219 Pi cameras to a single standard Pi board and takes images or videos at the same time. More importantly, this binocular solution makes both cameras fully synchronized.

It supports and is fully compatible with Raspistill commands for preview, and Raspivid command for video capture/processing with RPi’s default camera driver for its 5MP and 8MP cameras.


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Wanna Use Synchronized Dual Camera for Raspberry Pi 4 or Stereo Camera HAT for Pi 3B+/3? Arducam Makes Them All Come True

Preface Standard Raspberry Pi, like the Pi 4, only offers a single CSI camera connector, but people would love multiple cameras for 3D applications. Arducam has figured out a way to connect the sync two cameras at the same time in 2019, and the following blog tells you all about […]


Generate Depth Map on Every Raspberry Pi Model Easily with Arducam Stereo Camera HAT and OpenCV, No Compute Module Needed

Most creatures have evolved to see the world with two eyes, but most of the Rasberry Pi models have not – the standard Raspberry Pi only comes with a single camera port. Hard as we try, the multi-camera and stereo vision applications on a Raspberry Pi did not deliver a […]



Buy Arducam Stereo Camera HAT

You can get the stereo camera HAT alone and solder your Pi camera modules as told in the instruction, but we would recommend you to go with Arducam 5MP or 8MP stereo camera HAT bundle kits.

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