The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B has been released on Jun 29th, and now you have access to up to 4GB of memory and 2 USB 3.0 ports, and that means a lot for Raspberry Pi 4 projects, especially for camera applications. With a boost in its performance, this long-anticipated Raspberry Pi sets a new standard for single board computers, and at the same time sets a series of opportunities and challenges for Arducam to face.

As we’re pretty sure that all the previous Raspberry Pi camera modules will continue to work with the Raspberry Pi 4 (we have tested basically every Arducam camera module on Pi 4), Arducam is still your reliable supplier to buy Raspberry Pi 4 cameras from. However, what makes us stand out is not just the basic camera modules, we’ve still got a lot of customized and exclusive camera modules and camera adapters different from the official camera modules that could be used with your Raspberry Pi 4.

The Raspberry Pi 4 offers more processing power for our high-performance MIPI camera modules

Arducam is one of the first solution providers to offer high performance on Raspberry Pi and has released our MIPI camera product series for you to use global shutter cameras or high definition cameras directly through the MIPI CSI-2 port on the Raspberry Pi with the userland driver. That’s highly anticipated on Raspberry Pi, but the higher resolution requires more GPU memory and more compute performance, which makes it difficult for the previous Raspberry Pi models to handle. However, the Raspberry Pi 4 comes with an updated SoC and offers up to 4GB of memory so that we can explore more features and even higher resolutions on the Raspberry Pi 4.

With the two new USB 3 ports available on the Raspberry Pi, you will be able to use Arducam USB3 camera shield better. The Arducam USB camera shield is a general-purpose camera control board designed for both PCs and embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi. It supports almost all parallel interface image sensors ranging from 0.3MP to 16MP in global and rolling shutters. The Arducam USB3 camera shield comes with a comprehensive software SDK library and example source code you need to make it work on a Raspberry Pi 4. Fast camera evaluations on a Raspberry Pi just got faster and easier.

At the same time, we also need to make sure our current modules will continue to work with the Raspberry Pi 4. Many of our clients are concerned about whether our camera adapters could work with the Raspberry Pi 4. Arducam has upgraded the adapter and made sure that the Pi 4 multi-camera support continues with our multi-camera adapters.

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