0.3MP 100fps OV7251


Arducam now provides a low-cost high frame 0.3MP global shutter camera module based on OmniVision OV7251 black and white image sensor. The OV7251 is a small form factor, low power CameraChip™ sensor that uses a global shutter to reduce or eliminate unwanted image artifacts, which occur with traditional rolling shutter image sensors as a result of motion during image capture. The sensor’s global shutter and excellent low-light sensitivity allow it to be used for any application that has a need for gesture detection, head and eye tracking, and depth and motion detection.

Leveraging the industry’s smallest global shutter pixel, the black and white OV7251 is capable of capturing VGA (640×480) resolution video at 100 frames per second (fps), QVGA (320×240) at 180 fps with binning, and QQVGA (160×120) at 360 fps with binning and skipping. The OV7251’s high frame rates make it an ideal solution for low-latency machine vision applications.


  • Resolution: 640×480
  • Optical size: 1/7.5″
  • FOV: Diagonal 86 degrees, Horizontal 73 degrees
  • Pixel size: 3um x 3um
  • Maximum frame rate: 100fps
  • Output formats: 10-bit B&W RAW
  • Output interface: 1-lane MIPI


  • Robot Camera
  • Machine Vision Camera
  • Industrial Camera
  • VSLAM Camera
  • Stereo Camera

Demo Board

Arducam creates an adapter board for the OV7251 camera module to connect to Arducam USB3 camera shield which supports both Windows and Linux using C/C++, Python programming languages, as well as OpenCV supports.

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