Arducam USB3.0 Camera Shield


Arducam USB3 camera shield is the latest USB3.0 camera shields, it offers the improved performance and enhanced functions than the previous USB2.0 camera shield. It not only supports high resolution and high frame rate image sensors, but also supports stereoscopy camera and IRCUT control feature. With the given camera configuration files, user can switch between different cameras without any effort. It is the ideal solution for camera evaluation/testing, robot/drone, IoT, machine vision and scientific applications.Now it well supports both PC and embedded system like Raspberry Pi, and also can provide customized support for Odroid, Beaglebone Black, Nvidia JETSON TK/TX boards. Please also note that when this USB3 camera used on USB2 port the performance will be greatly degraded.


  • Support any parallel image sensors (need proper register settings)
  • Support 8/10/12/14/16 bit pixel color depth
  • Support Stereoscopy mode for dual camera system
  • Build-in IRCUT control  (optional)
  • Need extra MIPI to parallel adapter board for supporting MIPI interface sensors (see Table1)
  • Support x86 PC, ARM 32/64bit, Odriod C2, Raspberry Pi hardware platforms
  • Support Windows, Linux OS, ROS
  • Support C/C++, Python Programming Languages
  • Fully customizable and can be ported to other hardware platform and software OS
  • Provide free binary SDK library and demo software source code


  • Bandwidth: 5-Gbps USB3.0 PHY
  • Camera Databus: 16bit@100MHz
  • I/O Voltage Standard: 3.3V
  • Connector: Micro-USB3.0
  • Size: 40 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Power Consumption: 5V/300mA
  • Operation Temperature: -10℃~+55℃

Table 1 Featured Parallel Camera Modules Supported

Resolution Frame Rate Camera Module Sensor Vendor
0.3MP 60fps MT9V022/MT9V034 Aptina
1.3MP 50fps AR0134/AR0135 Aptina
9MP 7fps MT9N001 Aptina
10MP 6fps MT9J001/MT9J003 Aptina
14MP 5fps MT9F001/MT9F002 Aptina

Table 2 Featured MIPI Camera Modules Supported (Need MIPI-Parallel Adapter board)

Resolution Frame Rate Camera Module Sensor Vendor
0.3MP 240fps SC031GS(MIPI) SmartSense
0.3MP 100fps OV7251 (MIPI) Omnivision
5MP 15fps OV5647 (MIPI) Omnivision
8MP 8fps IMX219(MIPI) Sony
13MP 5fps OV13850 (MIPI) Omnivision

Table 3 Featured HISPI Camera Modules Supported (Need HISPI-Parallel Adapter board)

Resolution Frame Rate Camera Module Sensor Vendor
14MP 6fps MT9F002(HISPI) ONsemi
18MP 3fps AR1820HS(HISPI) ONsemi


Arducam USB3 Camera Shield DataSheet
Arducam USB3 Camera Shield User Guide
Arducam USB Camera Shield SDK C/C++ User Guide
Arducam USB Camera Shield SDK Python User Guide

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