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OpenCV AI Kit

A Tiny Powerful Spatial AI System from the Biggest Name in Computer Vision.

Powered by Arducam

Arducam proudly works with Luxonis and OpenCV for distributing the OAK series and developing advanced camera solutions and carrier boards with different forms of factors and more optics options.

cameras for opencv ai kits

Cameras for OAK

  • Wide range of ready-made sensor choices.
  • Alternative NoIR modules for night vision applications.
  • Various lens selections for different FoVs.
  • Optional autofocus support.
Arducam OV7251 U6070 1


Want a specific sensor for your project? We can help get any CMOS sensor/CCM to any OAK model.

Arducm MINI HQ IMX477 M12 B0251 1

Camera Breakout Design

Customized camera board design in any form factor and pinout with cable extension options.

raspberry pi high quality camera M12

Optical Customization

Lenses with different mount types, focal lengths & FOVs. IR & optical filters for mono/multi/hyper-spectral applications.

arducam stereo bundle kit 8mp side view


Customized pan-tilt platforms, camera multiplexing, anti-fog/IP6x waterproof solutions.

Tiny Powerhouse for AI and Computer Vision

The OAK series are tiny artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV) powerhouses, with OAK-D providing spatial AI leveraging stereo depth in addition to the 4K/30 12MP camera that both models share.  They are also both absurdly easy to use. Up and running in under 30 seconds, OAK-1 and OAK-D allow anyone to access this power: hobbyists, researchers, and professionals alike. Once you’re done tinkering, OAK’s modular, FCC/CE-approved, open-source hardware ecosystem affords direct integration into your products.

oak kit oak 1 oak d original
OAK color camera
OAK D synchronized stereo camera
OAK Color CameraOAK-D Stereo Camera
Shutter TypeRolling ShutterSync Global Shutter
Image SensorIMX378OV9282
Max Framerate60fps120fps
H.265 Framerate30fps/
Resolution12MP (4056×3040 px/ 1.55um)1MP (1280×800 px/3um)
Field of View81° DFoV – 68.8° HFoV81° DFoV – 71.8° HFoV
Lens Size1/2.3 Inch1/2.3 Inch
Focus8cm – ∞ (AutoFocus)19.6cm – ∞ (FixedFocus)
OAK Camera Specs

OpenCV AI Kit Features

OAK does all these AI and CV functions in arbitrary combinations thanks to the OAK API software.

Neural Inference

Object detection, image classification, semantic segmentation, pose estimation, etc.


Support for additional lenses for fish-eye applications

Object Tracking

Up to 20 objects with unique IDs


Structured navigation

H.264 and H.265 Encoding (HEVC, 1080P & 4K Video)

3.125MB/s (tiny bandwidth) for 4k video; A Pi Zero can record 4k/30fps with this.

Feature Tracking

Optical and Visual Inertial Navigation

JPEG Encoding

12MP Stills

Motion Estimation

Allows real-time background subtraction

MJPEG Encoding

For easy web streaming/etc.

Edge Detection Harris Filtering

Automatic motion-based lossless zooming (OAK-1 Specific)

  • 12x lossless zoom with 720p output
  • 6x lossless zoom with 1080p output
  • 1.5x lossless zoom with 4k output

Stereo Depth (Including Median Filtering, OAK-D Specific)

Extended disparity and subpixel possible for wider dynamic range

3D Object Localization(OAK-D Specific)

  • Monocular AI with Stereo Disparity Depth
  • Stereo AI (i.e. stereo neural inference) for small object/feature support

Object tracking in 3D space (OAK-D Specific)

  • 3D Trajectory in Real-Time
  • Enables motion statistics in meters

Powered by Intel Movidius Myriad X

openMV ai cv tasks 2

The OpenCV AI Kit namely OAK is a tiny low-power hardware edge AI computing module based on Intel Movidius Myriad-X embedded AI chip. Compared to the other AI acceleration solutions based on GPU, CPU, FPGA, or TPU, Movidius is a VPU architecture, it has 4.0 TOPS computation capacity. And it is 80 times faster for CV and AI tasks than the well-known OpenMV project that only has 0.05 TOPS based on ARM Cortex M7 microcontroller.

intel ncs2 2

The OAK has the same AI chip as the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS2) but has more powerful hardware features. OAK shipped with one 1/2.3″ Sony 12MP IMX378 capable of [email protected] H.265 video streaming, video AI pipelined processing, and two optional 1MP monochrome global shutters OV9282 cameras for depth sensing, with all 3 cameras it turns the OAK into an RGB+D camera.

Movidius Myriad X Visual Processing UnitBuilt-in to every OAK module
Compute Capacity4 Trillion Ops/sec
Vector Processors16 SHAVEs
Vision Accelerators20+
Memory Bandwith450 GB/sec
Movidius Myriad X Specs

Movidius’ VPU natively supports Intel Openvino software deployment tool like the NCS2 does, OAK is not only Openvino compatible but even unlocked the video pipelined processing power for the neural inference engine to reveal the speed and depth capability that you have never seen on the NCS2.

With the OAK API, now it works with the OpenCV. Unlike any other Myriad X-based solution in the world, unlocking the full potential of this powerful VPU for the benefit of the entire OpenCV community. Feature tracking, hardware-level H.265 support, and 4k output are now unlocked for use by anyone.

OAK vs. Other Myriad X Solutions

MetricOpenCV Al Kit w/ Raspberry PiOther Popular CV + AI Kit
Picture Resolution12MP (4056×3040)1MP (1280×720)
Video Resolution4K720p
Easy Setup & Development YesNo
Efficient Data PathYesNo
Real TimeYesYes
Low LatencyYesYes
CPU Free for User CodeYesNo
CPU UtilizationNear-ZeroHigh
Hardware H.265 SupportYesNo
Hardware JPEG SupportYesNo
Hardware Feature Tracking SupportYesNo
Power6W (max, including Pi)50 W(max)
Price$199-$299$879.95 USD

See What the Pros are Thinking of OAK.

Here is the understanding of OAK from the professionals!

Essentially, they’re (almost) plug-and-play eyeballs for gadgets.


Tristan Greene

The Next Web

A reliable, low-cost, low-power-draw computer vision unit like this is a great boon for anyone looking to build a smart device or robot.


Devin Coldewey


A Piece of embedded hardware that is making it easier than ever for computer vision and deep learning practitioners to apply CV/DL to embedded devices..


Adrian Rosebrock PhD


and See How the Community is Loving OAK.

We were so excited that the OpenCV AI Kit project was successfully funded in Kickstarter with a total amount of $1,358,318 US dollars. The project goal was funded in just 20 minutes.

opencv ai kit oak kickstarter funded

Embedded AI for Real Products

OAK is a modular, open-source ecosystem composed of MIT-licensed hardware, software, and AI training – that allows you to embed the super-power of spatial AI plus accelerated computer vision functions into your product.  OAK provides in a single, cohesive solution what would otherwise require cobbling together disparate hardware and software components. 

Absurdly Easy 30-Second Setup

The OAK API is the fastest way to get started in spatial AI, especially with the OAK-1  module’s single USB-C connector which provides it with both data and power. As you can see in the video above, you can go from unboxing the hardware to running an advanced image classifier in under one minute.

Use Free Neural Nets or Create Your Own

OAK ships with neural nets covering: COVID-19 mask/no-mask detection, Age recognition, Emotion recognition, Face detection, Facial Landmark (e.g., corners of eyes, mouth, chin, etc.), General object detection (20-class), Pedestrian Detection, and Vehicle detection. This list gets added to on a regular basis.

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