OAK-FFC-4P OAK USB3 Edition for DepthAI

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The OAK-FFC-4P baseboard has 4 FFC interfaces which allow using of up to 4 modular flexible flat cable (FFC) cameras (not included): two 2-lane MIPI and two 4-lane MIPI. For instance:

The design allows you to quickly prototype with various stereo baselines, fields of view, and image sensor permutations.  With this kit, you can leverage M12 ArduCam modules and for example the M12 lens kit, here (both of which are not included).

You can also check the OAK-FFC-3P variant.

Documentation and resources:


  • OAK-FFC-4P board
  • 4x Arducam adapter cable UC-796
  • Power supply. International adapters also provided.
  • USB cable

Reference Numbers:

MN: A00470

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