OAK-FFC-3P DepthAI OAK USB3 Edition

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This repository contains open hardware designed by Luxonis, and meant to be used as a baseboard for the Luxonis BW1099 DepthAI SoM. The OAK-FFC-3P (DM1090FFC)baseboard has three FFC interfaces which allow for two 2-lane MIPI camera modules i.e. DM0250TG (stereo pair) and one DM0249 RGB camera module. There is also a chance to connect three 2-lane MIPI camera modules i.e. DM0250TG if DM0249 RGB camera module is not required.

Please note that only revision R1M1E1 and newer camera modules can be connected to the OAK-FFC-3P (DM1090FFC). With OAK-FFC-3P (DM1090FFC)we gained support for 22-pin RPi camera interface. For that you will need a FFC from Arducam, which converts 26-pin Luxonis camera pinout to 22 pin RPi camera pinout.

In addition IMU over SPI support was also added to the 1090FFC.


  • 3x DM0250TG_R1M1E1 mono camera module interfaces or
  • 2x DM0250TG_R1M1E1 and 1x DM0249_R1M1E1 RGB camera module interface
  • 5V power input via barrel jack
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C
  • Interface for Luxnois BW1099 DepthAI SoM
  • Pads for DepthAI SoM 1.8V SPI
  • Pads for DepthAI SoM 3.3V SDIO
  • Pads for DepthAI SoM 1.8V Aux Signals (I2C, UART, GPIO)
  • 5V Fan OR USB Type-C
  • Design files produced with Altium Designer 20


Note: 1pc Color  Modular Camera and 2pcs Synchronized Global-Shutter Cameras for Disparity Depth are not included.

Package Contents

  • 1 pc DepthAI OAK-FFC-3P (DM1090FFC)
  • 1 pc USB cable
  • 1 pc Charger
  • 3 pcs 15mm 22pin-26pin camera cable
  • 1 pc 15mm 26pin camera cable

Official Technical Support:

1. Community Discord: https://discord.gg/luxonis
2. Discussion Forum: https://discuss.luxonis.com/
3. Email Support: [email protected]


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