DM1090FFC_R0M0E0 DepthAI OAK USB3 Edition

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This repository contains open hardware designed by Luxonis, and meant to be used as a baseboard for the Luxonis BW1099 DepthAI SoM. The DM1090FFC baseboard has three FFC interfaces which allow for two 2-lane MIPI camera modules i.e. DM0250TG (stereo pair) and one DM0249 RGB camera module. There is also a chance to connect three 2-lane MIPI camera modules i.e. DM0250TG if DM0249 RGB camera module is not required.

Please note that only revision R1M1E1 and newer camera modules can be connected to the 1090FFC. With DM1090FFC we gained support for 22-pin RPi camera interface. For that you will need a FFC from Arducam, which converts 26-pin Luxonis camera pinout to 22 pin RPi camera pinout.

In addition IMU over SPI support was also added to the 1090FFC.


  • 3x DM0250TG_R1M1E1 mono camera module interfaces or
  • 2x DM0250TG_R1M1E1 and 1x DM0249_R1M1E1 RGB camera module interface
  • 5V power input via barrel jack
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C
  • Interface for Luxnois BW1099 DepthAI SoM
  • Pads for DepthAI SoM 1.8V SPI
  • Pads for DepthAI SoM 3.3V SDIO
  • Pads for DepthAI SoM 1.8V Aux Signals (I2C, UART, GPIO)
  • 5V Fan OR USB Type-C
  • Design files produced with Altium Designer 20


Note: 1pc Color  Modular Camera and 2pcs Synchronized Global-Shutter Cameras for Disparity Depth are not included.

Package Contents

  • 1 pc DepthAI OAK Model DM1090FFC
  • 1 pc USB cable
  • 1 pc Charger
  • 3 pcs 15mm 22pin-26pin camera cable
  • 1 pc 15mm 26pin camera cable



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