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  • Up to 6 cameras: six 2-lane MIPI
  • BNO086 IMU single chip 9 axis sensor with embedded sensor fusion
  • 5V power input via barrel jack
  • USB2 / USB3 for power delivery and communication


OAK-FFC 6P is a flexible and powerful prototyping platform that allows you to connect 6 FFC camera modules that best fit your project requirement in terms of resolution, FPS, FOV, shutter type, and depth of focus. It also features on-device Neural Network inferencing and Computer Vision capabilities. You can connect up to 6 camera modules at various positions, stereo baseline distances, and angles. The OAK-FFC-6P utilizes the OAK-SoM MAX, which offers the new Robotics Vision Core 3, featuring a quad-core ARM CPU.

Follow up Initial Configuration Guide to get started.

Note! A limited number of early access boards have a design flaw that prevents them from powering 6 cameras. Please contact [email protected] if you experience any issues.


  • 3.0 TOPS for AI with INT8 quantization support
  • Quad-core ARM A53 @ 1.5GHz, running Yocto Linux, acting as a host computer
  • Imaging: ISP, max 6 cameras, 500 MP/s HDR, 3A
  • Run any AI model, even custom architectured/built ones – models need to be converted.
  • Cloud platform – Robothub – connectivity out-of-the-box
  • On-device SLAM / VIO support
  • Encoding: H.264, H.265, MJPEG – 4K/75FPS, Decoding: 4K/60FPS
  • Computer vision: warp/dewarp, resize, crop via ImageManip node, edge detection, feature tracking. You can also run custom CV functions
  • Stereo depth perception with filtering, post-processing, RGB-depth alignment, and high configurability
  • Object tracking: 2D and 3D tracking with ObjectTracker node

Compatible Cameras Modules

  • OAK-FFC-IMX214-W: 13MP Color Rolling Shutter
  • OAK-FFC-IMX378: 12MP Color Rolling Shutter
  • OAK-FFC-IMX378-FF: 12MP Color Rolling Shutter with Fixed Focus
  • OAK-FFC-IMX378-W: 12MP Color Rolling Shutter with Wide Field of View
  • OAK-FFC-OV9282: 1MP Grayscale Global Shutter
  • OAK-FFC-OV9282-M12: 1MP Grayscale Global Shutter with M12 mount
  • OAK-FFC-OV9282-W: 1MP Grayscale Global Shutter with Wide Field of View
  • OAK-FFC-OV9782-M12: 1MP Color Global Shutter with M12 mount
  • OAK-FFC-OV9782-W:  1MP Color Global Shutter with Wide Field of View
  • OAK-FFC-IMX477-M12: 12MP Color Rolling Shutter with M12 mount
  • OAK-FFC-AR0234-M12: 2.3MP Color Global Shutter with M12 mount
  • A variety of camera options from ArduCam

Package Including

  • OAK-FFC 6P assembly
  • Flexible flat cable, 15cm (6pcs)
  • Power supply with international adapters
  • Cable USB-CA-1m


Official Technical Support

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