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Arducam M12 Lens Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, Fisheye Wide Angle Telephoto M12 Camera Lenses with Lens Adapter

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  • 6 M12 Lenses and 1 Lens Adapter, carefully selected and tested on the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, get decent quality image with no hindrance
  • Come in 6 different FOV (Field of View), Horizontal FOV ranging from 20 to 180 degrees on 12MP Rpi HQ camera.
SKU: LK003 Categories: ,
SKU: LK003 Categories: ,



In order to meet the new demands of the lens to work with Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, Arducam selected and tested a wide range of  M12 mount lenses from long focus to wide angle for shooting on your Rpi HQ cameras. It’s now much easier for you to get the best lens you’ll need, and we will keep the lens list growing in the near future.

The including CS lens mount and C-CS adapter ring can be used for microscopy with reversed mounted lens on Raspberry Pi V1 and V2 camera. For more details, you can refer to this link: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=210605&p=1675030#p1675030

    Lens Specification

    Part No:M2025ZM02M2306ZM13M23390H08M23356H09M23272M14M25156H18
    Optical Format1/2.3′1/2.3”1/2.3”1/2.3”1/2.3”1/2.3′
    HFOV on 1/2.3‘’ Cam20°50°75°90°140°180°
    IR filterNo IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter
    Size(mm)17 x 2116x 16.4114x 18.6714x 16.317.2x 2220x 17.3


    Package including

    • 1pcs 1/2.3″ M12 180 degree fisheye camera Lens
    • 1pcs 1/2.3″ M12 140 degree wide angle camera Lens
    • 1pcs 1/2.3″ M12 90 degree wide angle camera Lens
    • 1pcs 1/2.3″ M12 75 degree camera Lens
    • 1pcs 1/2.5″ M12 50 degree camera Lens
    • 1pcs 1/2.3″ M12 telephoto 20 degree camera lens
    • 1pcs M12 lens adapter
    • 2pcs M12 lens holders
    • 1pcs M12 locking ring
    • 1 pack lens screws




    3D drawing.step

    3D drawing.step

    How to purchase

    You can purchase this item from Arducam distributors