In the realm where technology intersects with healthcare, an inventive mind, Aditi Kapil, has unfurled a pioneering project—SKINTELLECT. This fusion of QR codes, Arducam camera modules, and cutting-edge algorithms has given birth to a novel visitor skin analysis experience that seamlessly marries innovation and convenience.

Unveiling the Concept

Picture this—an array of strategically positioned booths adorned with a simple QR code. This ingenious concept spearheaded by Aditi Kapil simplifies the skin analysis process for visitors. A quick scan and they embark on a journey of skin exploration.

Casting the Lens

At the heart of SKINTELLECT lies the Arducam Mini 2MP Plus SPI camera module, which effortlessly captures facial images. With a swift click, the analysis process is set in motion, marking the beginning of a comprehensive journey through skin health.


AI-Led Revelation

The invisible patterns of our skin are unravelled by sophisticated AI algorithms. These digital marvels decode pigmentation, tone, wrinkles, and contrast, translating them into real-time insights about skin health.


Swift Insights Delivery

The essence of SKINTELLECT lies in the instantaneous. Comprehensive skin health reports are promptly generated and delivered to visitors’ smartphones. A bridge between technology and personal insight, these reports empower individuals to understand their skin better.


Digital Messengers

SMS and email serve as messengers of skin insights. These reports, filled with valuable data, reach visitors with ease, allowing them to access their skin’s story whenever they wish.


Admin’s Oversight

Aditi Kapil’s ingenuity extends beyond the surface. Administrators wield a vantage point, receiving real-time updates about report generation and device activity, enhancing operational efficiency.

The Backstage Symphony

Delving into the backend reveals an intricate symphony of technologies. Flask orchestrates HTTP requests, MQTT facilitates communication with Arducam, OpenCV adds its image-processing touch, while Twilio, smtplib, and Telegram API handle the art of communication.

Stay tuned for more riveting narratives from the crossroads of technology and innovation, right here in the ArduCAMP column. The journey continues!

The Arducam Team

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