Arducam is delighted to present the remarkable project undertaken by Cornell University‘s ECE 4760 students – Noah Abramson, Jason Heller, and Grace Tang. This dedicated team successfully integrated Arducam’s OV5642 camera module with the Raspberry Pi Pico, showcasing their ingenuity and commitment. In this issue of ArduCamp, we take you through their journey of creating an interface that captures, stores, and displays images, offering valuable insights into the integration process.

The team embarked on an ambitious project to seamlessly integrate Arducam’s OV5642 camera module with the Raspberry Pi Pico. Their goal was to create an interface capable of capturing, storing, and displaying images – a journey that exemplifies collaboration and problem-solving within the realms of hardware and software integration.

The article provides a comprehensive overview of their high-level design considerations, hardware/software tradeoffs, and the intricacies of implementing Arducam’s demo code to suit their specific needs. It also delves into the challenges faced and overcome during the development of the Camera Thread, a critical component responsible for camera setup, communication, and data processing.

Results showcase the team’s dedication and the project’s evolution, from basic image representations to detailed edge detection. Arducam is proud to feature the work of the above-mentioned team, recognizing their project as a valuable contribution to the Arducam community. We hope their journey inspires and guides others in exploring the potential of Arducam’s camera modules with various hardware platforms.

Read the full article here.

The Arducam Team

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