Arducam announces its latest camera drivers update for multiple prevailing NVIDIA Jetson platforms, making its full range of NVIDIA Jetson cameras compatible, including the previously unavailable Camarray series.

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Arducam released its updated camera drivers for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Orin NX (L4T 35.3.1). Please go to this page for the new driver download and install.

What deserves a highlight is the breakthrough in the Arducam Camarray kit series. It is now seamlessly compatible with the latest L4T 35.x and JetPack 5.x versions and beyond. This renowned multiple-camera kit series has undergone extensive research and development and successfully enabled use on the above-mentioned latest NVIDIA Jetson platforms.

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Here are some remarks for using our Camarray kits on NVIDIA Jetson.
While Jetvariety multi-camera kits are not limited by JetPack versions at all (so all of them can function normally as usual), others (Non-Jetvariety items) require the other limitation. Non-Jetvariety (see the full list) demand the latest firmware, i.e., only those flashed with the latest firmware can get compatibility. Visit this dedicated doc page to find out how to check the firmware version for your on-hand products.

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A Very Quick Glance at Arducam Camarray

Arducam has achieved a remarkable feat in the world of embedded cameras with its Camarray series. While having multiple cameras on a single platform might not seem too challenging, enabling true simultaneous operation on Raspberry Pi or Jetson devices is where Arducam stands alone. Over years of dedicated research and development, Arducam has made substantial breakthroughs, starting with the Multi-cam adapter board, which allowed users to connect up to 4 cameras to a single Pi board but only activated one camera at a time. The next advancement came with the Stereo Camera HAT, providing fully synchronized dual-camera functionality. Now, the pinnacle of multi-camera solutions, Camarray, offers both hardware and software innovations, breaking the limits of physical camera connectors and supporting up to 4 MIPI cameras simultaneously. With Camarray, users can unleash the full potential of their Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, and more, capturing and displaying video feeds from all connected cameras seamlessly, including support for image sensors not natively compatible with official drivers.

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