CMOS camera modules are widely used in mobile phones and web cameras, and the price is pretty low when in volume. Therefore it becomes the best choice for embedded applications.  However there is barrier in both hardware and software when using camera modules and block the hobbyists off. That why ArduCAM is born. ArduCAM is an open source project for CMOS camera modules, which hide the complexity of capturing high speed high resolution image data stream and provide the source code configuration for camera modules. User can freely control the ArduCAM shield to accomplish their different tasks. The first release of ArduCAM shield target for Arduino and its compatible platforms like Maple, Chipkit. And we plan to move to more powerful platform like Raspberry PI, Beagle board or Pandaboard.

 What ArduCAM can do

  • Take still image

Take BMP or JPEG image and save to SD/TF memory card

  • Real time preview on 3.2” LCD screen

Mounting with proper lenses, can be used as microscope or astronomical telescope

  • Real time video recording

With ArduCAM team’s optimization, Arduino now can record 5 fps low resolution MJPEG video stream AVI files to SD card. It can achieve much higher frame rate with more powerful MCU other than Arduino

Wireless image transmission

Connected to extra Bluetooth or WiFi module, achieve wireless image transmission

  • Color and object recognition

With proper image processing algorithm,  simple image procesing algorithm can be achieved

What ArduCAM can’t do for now

  • Real time video processing

Arduino like platforms are too slow and has insufficient memory to do the video processing

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