Recently, Arducam sent a delegation to participate in the Maker Faire SZ 2023 held in Shenzhen. At this exhibition, Arducam focused on displaying a batch of the latest research and development industry solutions, which received widespread attention from professional media, interest and praise from various audiences. It also conducted enlightening communications with friends and businessmen and interacted closely with industry leaders in embedded platforms such as Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA.

Arducam at MFSZ23
Arducam’s Booth
fans shooting
Visitor taking photo of Arducam Wallpaper
Explaining to visitors
Visitors trying hand gesture recognition

On the morning of November 11, Mr. Eben Upton, CEO and founder of Raspberry Pi Company, came to Arducam’s booth and visited with great interest the various solutions brought by Arducam based on the Raspberry Pi platform. He also met with Arducam founder Lee Jackson and had an in-depth exchange of views, and both parties were confident about future development.

Eben & Lee
Eben Upton (left) and Lee Jackson (right) at Arducam booth

In front of an AI Smart Camera that integrates Raspberry Pi CM4, Arducam camera module and OAK smart chip, Eben Upton tested the camera’s face recognition function. The camera instantly recognized Eben and displayed his name on the monitor.

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AI Camera recognized Eben and showing name on the screen.

This is just one of the camera’s many AI features. Other functions include object recognition, gesture recognition and human posture recognition, etc. The debut of this camera also heralds the gradual expansion of Arducam’s service scope from the maker group to the industry, and also marks the beginning of Arducam’s move into mid-to-high-end applications in the field of embedded vision.

Compared with the AI Smart Camera, a solution specifically used for textile quality inspection is more accurately positioned, and thus has won the favor of industry customers. This solution integrates a set of quadrascopic global shutter camera with the Raspberry Pi CM4 to form a modular component that textile manufacturers can deploy in the inspection process of semi-finished or finished fabrics. Thanks to the powerful performance of the global shutter, this solution can easily capture predefined defects in the high-speed displacement state of textiles. It not only greatly reduces the high cost of manual identification that relies on the naked eye, but also greatly improves the accuracy of defect identification.

textile solution 1
Explaining the textile inspection solution to a visitor.

At this exhibition, many industry insiders from all over the world came to Arducam’s booth to exchange with us the latest developments in the field of embedded machine vision. Customers tell us about their national markets. This is very valuable information that cannot be obtained from online media.

mike 1
Mike Buffham, CCO of Raspberry Pi, visiting the Arducam booth.

In addition, media people in the industry were very interested in Arducam’s products at the exhibition, and many media people came to our booth for interviews and exchanges. Such as Make:,, the well-known media in the maker industry.

David fm Make 1
Lee Jackson introducing Arducam to David Groom (left) from Make.

On the afternoon of November 12, Arducam was invited to attend the official Raspberry Pi Meetup. At the meeting, more than 20 maker teams from home and abroad demonstrated their creative applications based on the Raspberry Pi platform. Mr. Eben Upton spoke and watched each project.

meetup with raspberry pi
Arducam attending Meetup with Raspberry Pi.

At this exhibition, Arducam showed its latest achievements, met and communicated with colleagues in embedded vision, and had in-depth communication with Raspberry Pi, the builder of the embedded ecosystem. It achieved the expected results and achieved complete success.

best exhibitor

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Here are the demos of the solutions we brought to the fair.

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