Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Where can I order camera modules and ArduCAM shield?

A: Please order from our distributor

Q: Where can I find the source code and schematic of ArduCAM shield?

A: Please download source code from Download section, schematic can be found Rev.C and Rev.B.

Q: What kind of Arduino boards will be support?

A: The ArduCAM shield Rev.C support all families of Arduino boards including DUE. It has been tested on the following Arduino boards:

Arduino Boards
1 UNO R3
2 MEGA2560 R3
3 Leonardo R3
4 Nano

Q: What is the max resolution will be support?

A: The resolution is depend on the max frame buffer size. Now the ArduCAM has build in 3Mbit FiFo, it support following resolution:

Width Height Format
320 240 RGB565,YUV
600 320 RGB565,YUV
640 600 RGB Raw, Mono 8bit
1600 1200 JPEG
1920 1080 JPEG


Q: What kind of camera modules does ArduCAM support?

A: The following list shows the support of camera modules, we will add support for more camera modules in the future.

Resolution Camera modules Part No. Support
0.3MP OV7670, OV7675 Yes
1.3MP OV9650,OV9655 No
1.3MP MT9M111,MT9M112,MT9M001 No
2MP OV2640,MT9D111 Yes
2MP MT9D112 No
3MP OV3640 Yes
3MP MT9T112 No
5MP OV5642 Yes
5MP MT9P013 No
10MP MT9J001 No


Q: Can I connect OV7670 directly to Arduino board without ArduCAM shield?

A: The OV7670 data speed is about 6MHz~24MHz, the Arduino board is too slow to catch up with the camera data stream’s speed. So user has to use extra hardware like ArduCAM shield to buffer a full frame, then read out the image byte by byte with fairly low speed.


Q: How can I customize settings on it using register values (brightness, exposure, speed)?

Yes, we can help you with the brightness, speed , exposure level settings

A: Please contact us for the customized settings.


Q: My lab is interested in building large numbers of x-ray detectors using consumer-grade CMOS

sensors. Do you have some kind of camera modules for that?


A: Yes, the MT9M001 module is monochrome image sensor which is used in Xbox360 and suitable for image processing.


Q: I’m working on a project where I need to trigger 15 digital photo cameras simultaneously.

Is it possible to daisy chain these camera shields to trigger multiple cameras?

A: It is no problems to trigger multi-cameras in parallel or daisy chain. There is external trigger input in ArduCAM shield, user can connect them together and trigger them simultaneously.


Q: How can I make the LCD display brighter.

A: The LCD back light is controlled by R6 and RN7.You can reduce the value of these two resistors to make the backlight much brighter.

2 thoughts on “Frequent Asked Questions

  1. can the arducam 5MP OV5642 camera module record video image and can it store it in HD or SD card im currently working on a security project and im looking to have 4 cameras recording at the same time and storing the video output of the cameras in a HD

    • The OV5642 support 5MP video output, but ArduCAM can capture one frame at a time, you need a fast MCU to read from ArduCAM to record 1080P video. Arduino boards are too slow to do the job.

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