Sept. 1st, 2023 — Addressing the pivotal challenge of unlocking camera capabilities on the formidable NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, we proudly introduce our comprehensive solution tailored to push the boundaries of machine vision. From versatile multi-camera kits to an ingenious all-in-one camera and adapter solution, our offering transforms limitations into limitless potential.

all-in-one cam and adapter solution

As a leading member of the Jetson Orin family, the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin is redefining the landscape of industrial-grade edge AI. Boasting a staggering 275 TOPS of AI performance and configurable power consumption, it brings energy-efficient autonomous machines to the forefront.

Despite these impressive features, a notable characteristic is the absence of a native camera interface.

Understanding the demand for camera integration, we engineered a well-designed camera solution for the AGX Orin. Our adapter board, equipped with 6 CSI-2 15pin connectors, enables seamless integration of up to 6 camera modules, each operating independently. This pioneering approach empowers users to harness the full potential of their multi-camera setups.

Crafted to offer exceptional value without compromising quality, our solution provides an unparalleled gateway to the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. Seamlessly bridging the camera integration gap, our All-in-One Camera and Adapter Kit eliminates the need for sourcing components separately. Our handpicked IMX219 and IMX477 sensors, along with the upcoming IMX519, promise precision imaging and enhanced visual mastery.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the present solution. With an eye toward the future, we’re introducing an array of camera options, including Wide Angle, Autofocus, Higher Resolution, Global Shutter, HDR, and more. These carefully selected sensors and technologies will continually elevate the capabilities of our AGX Orin solution to meet evolving vision needs.

let's make agx orin able to see

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