We are proudly introducing the OIS Optical Image Stabilization Series, a groundbreaking collection designed to set new benchmarks in image stability within UVC USB 3.0 camera modules.

shake free. crystal clear. precision guaranteed.

Capturing Clarity in Motion

Arducam’s OIS series incorporates state-of-the-art Optical Image Stabilization technology, a mechanical marvel engineered to eliminate the challenges posed by camera movement, resulting in clear, crisp images even in dynamic environments. This breakthrough ensures that users can consistently capture sharp and stable visuals, overcoming the limitations of motion-induced blurriness.

Unmatched Precision for Diverse Applications

Ideal for applications demanding precision and detail, such as industrial inspections, surveillance, and content creation, the OIS series stands as a testament to Arducam’s commitment to delivering uncompromised stability in visual experiences. This series empowers users to elevate their imaging standards, providing a reliable solution for scenarios where image stability is paramount.


Arducam USB 3.0 OIS Camera Series – 5MP and 13MP Versions

Superior Imaging

Both versions boast exceptional imaging capabilities with the 5MP version utilizing a Starvis back-illuminated IMX335 image sensor and the 13MP version employing a 1/3.06″ IMX258 CMOS sensor, ensuring sharpness and clarity at their respective maximum still resolutions.

Flexible Frame Rates

Enjoy programmable frame rates catering to diverse video capture needs. The 5MP version reaches up to 50fps at 1080p, while the 13MP version achieves 60fps at 720p for dynamic and versatile recording.

Proprietary On-board ISP

Advanced image enhancement is facilitated through a proprietary on-board ISP, incorporating de-Bayer, gamma, BLC, AE, AWB, CCM, and RGB2YUV, contributing to superior image quality in various conditions.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

Both versions feature OIS technology, providing image stabilization for sharp and clear shots, complemented by an expansive 123° (D) wide-angle field of view, ideal for immersive photos and videos.

Plug and Play Convenience

Encased in all-inclusive metal housings, these cameras are designed for seamless plug-and-play functionality, ensuring readiness for on-the-go creativity without the need for additional drivers.

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The Arducam Team

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