10MP camera header board now is available from ArduCAM, it is Monochrome/Color camera based on a ON-Semi (former Aptina) 1/2.3″ MT9J001(monochrome) and MT9J003(color) RAW sensor. This camera header board provides low noise images for outstanding value in a broad range of industrial applications. It features a 10 megapixel (3856 x 2764) resolution imager capable of 7.5 fps at full resolution, 30fps@1080p and 60fps@VGA resolution.These cameras header board offers the user choice of 8-bit or 12-bit digitization parallel interface and a dynamic range of 65.2dB. It can work with USB Camera Shield seamlessly for fast evaluation, which provides SDK, API and examples for both Windows and Linux as well as Raspberry pi.

Typical Applications

  • Microscopy
  • Metrology
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Document scanning
  • Flat panel, PCB inspection
  • Aerial photography


This product is one of our many standard offerings. ArduCAM also provides an extensive list of customized cameras to OEM customers around the world. We may already have what you need. If not, we can certainly design and build it for you.


Datasheet MT9J001/MT9J003, MT9J001/MT9J003 Camera Breakout Board
Application Note MT9J001/MT9J003 Application Note
MT9J001 Sample Images RAW Format JPEG Format
MT9J003 Sample Images RAW Format JPEG Format

Note: The MT9J001 and MT9J003 use the same physical structure, the only difference is MT9J001 doesn’t have color filter on each 2×2 pixel block, but there is independent gain settings for each pixel, so these gain settings should be correctly set to get the correct gray scale image.

Example Code

Windows GUI : excutable, Visual Studio source code
Linux:  Python code
Raspberry Pi : Python code


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