1.3MP: MT9M001

  • Microsoft xbox360 Kinect original monochrome infrared camera module
  • Maxim resolution 1280 x 1024 SXGA at 30 fps
  • Maxim frame rate 30fps
  • Shutter type: Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)
  • Optical size 1/2″
  • ADC resolution 10-bit
  • Supports image sizes: SXGA, VGA, QVGA, CIF, QCIF, etc
  • Extreme High sensitivity for low-light operation
  • Low operating voltage for embedded portable apps
  • Standard I2C two-wire interface
  • Digital Video Port interface
  • 34 pin golden finger FPC cable connector
  • ArduCAM provides a full demonstration for MT9V111 camera module on Arduino platform. Please download the ArduCAM_Shield_V2_MT9M001_Camera_RAW.ino from github.
  • It will turn the ArduCAM into a real digital camera with capture and playback functions. 

    1. Capture and buffer the image to FIFO when shutter pressed quickly.
    2.. Store the image to Micro SD/TF card with RAW format.

    This program requires the latest ArduCAM library and ArduCAM Shield_V2  ArduCAM shield and use Arduino IDE 1.6.8 compiler or above.


Nick · July 12, 2013 at 12:35 pm

I’m very interested in this module for one of my projects. But I’m asking myself, is this module supported by ArduCam or not? Because I can’t find the appropriate regs.h-File.
Is this module supported or will this be done in future? Can you support us with those register settings?


    admin · July 15, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    The ArduCAM can support MT9M001 but we do not have time to add support for it.
    We can provide the register settings to you if you want to use it.
    Please contact us for more information [email protected]

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