USB Camera Shield


The ArduCAM USB2/USB3 camera shield is a universal camera control board designed for both PCs and embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi, TI Beaglebone, Pine64, Ordiod, and similar single board computer. It supports almost all image sensors (some require additional adapter board and extra work on camera initialize register settings).

Although the USB camera shield is not UVC compliance, we provide a comprehensive SDK library for both Windows and Linux OS. This SDK is fully integrated with C/C++, Python, which allows for direct integration of our cameras with your OpenCV based applications. Now the ROS driver is also supported for the robot system.

For multiple camera system, Arducam USB camera shield also provides a unique solution to let you connect multiple cameras to a single processor and take photos at the same time.


  • Industrial Camera
  • Machine Vision Camera
  • Document Scanner
  • Microscope/Telescope Camera
  • Robot Camera

Product Information

There are the latest USB camera products:

SKUSPI Camera Module
B0095Arducam USB2 Camera Shield
B0111Arducam USB3 Camera Shield

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