Cameras for Raspberry Pi

Cameras for Raspberry Pi

In order to meet the increasing need for Raspberry Pi compatible camera modules. The ArduCAM team now released a series of camera modules both 5MP and 8MP for Raspberry Pi which is fully compatible with official one. They are divided into standard version, optimized optical performance version, miniature size spy camera version, NoIR version, and programmable motorized focus camera version which give user a much clear and sharp image compared to the official Pi camera, even provides the FREX and STROBE signals which can be used for multi-camera synchronize capture with proper camera driver firmware, and the lasest MIPI camera modules whose drivers for these cameras are V4L2 friendly, and support basic video mirror/flip and manual exposure/gain settings.

The official camera driver only supports OV5647 5MP and IMX219 8MP cameras. If you want to use other cameras rather than OV5647/IMX219, you can:

1. Use our Arducam USB camera shield which can help you add multiple higher performance cameras to a single Raspberry Pi board.

2. User our MIPI camera Modules for Raspberry Pi which let you use almost any MIPI camera modules on Raspberry Pi.

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MIPI Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi
Industrial Level MIPI Camera Modules for Raspberry Pi
8MP Sony IMX219 Camera for Raspberry Pi
Standard Pi Camera
Optical performance improved version
Spy Camera Version
NoIR Version
Motorized Focus Pi Camera

Product Information

There are some of the Raspberry Pi camera products from Arducam, and you can contact Arducam for customization at

SKURaspberry Pi Camera Module
B0033Low Cost OV5647 5MP Mini Camera for Raspberry Pi
B00315MP OV5647 Camera with M12 Mount for Raspberry Pi
B00325MP OV5647 Camera with CS Mount for Raspberry Pi
B01038MP IMX219 Camera with M12 Mount for Raspberry Pi
B01028MP IMX219 Camera with CS Mount for Raspberry Pi
B0151Motorized IR-Cut Daylight/Night Vision 5MP Camera for Raspberry Pi
B0154Motorized IR-Cut Daylight/Night Vision 8MP Camera for Raspberry Pi
B0066Color 5MP OV5647 Spy Camera for Raspberry Pi
B0066-02Night Vision 5MP OV5647 Spy Camera for Raspberry Pi
 Programmable Motorized Focus 5MP Camera for Raspberry Pi
 Programmable Motorized Focus 8MP Camera for Raspberry Pi