64MP Camera and CSI-to-HDMI Adapter Set

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  • Longer Cable Length: Extend your pi camera connection up to 10 meters.
  • Zero Configuration: plug-n-play out of the box.
  • 64MP Camera: best-in-class ultra high res module.
  • Natively Supported: also works with official V1, V2, and HQ cameras.
  • Highly Compatible: works well with most Pi models.
  • Reliability: Robust and durable. No worry about the fragileness and vulnerability of FPC cables’ crisp nature.

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A high-res 64MP autofocus camera paired with a CSI-to-HDMI cable extension solution that offers up to 10-meter connection for most Raspberry Pis.

Great for projects/applications where you need to put a camera module far away from an RPi.

The CSI-to-HDMI kit works out of the box, no extra software/configuration is needed, it is also compatible with the official camera V1/V2/HQ and Arducam OV5647/IMX219/IMX477 series.

We also have another kit if you want longer connections over CSI 2.


Optical Size1/1.7" 9.25mm Diagonal(7.4×5.55mm)
Focus TypeManual/Auto
Sensor Resolution9152×6944
Video Mode (on Raspberry Pi)1080p30,720p60 and 640×480p60/90
Video Mode (Camera Module)*9152×[email protected], 8000×6000@3fps, 4624×3472@10fps, 3840×2160@20fps, 2312×1736@30fps, 1920×1080@60fps, 1280×720@120fps
Color FilterQuad Bayer Coding(QBC)
Supported PlatformsRaspberry Pi 5/4B/Pi 2/3/CM3/CM4/Zero W/Zero 2 W
Raspberry Pi OSbookworm/bullseye(32-bit/64-bit) 01/28/22 or later releases
Focal Length5.1mm
View Angle84 Degrees (Diagonal)
Dimensions25×24 mm
Shutter TypeRolling
Output FormatsJPEG/YUV/RGB/RAW10


Specifications – CSI-to-HDMI Kit

  • Support NVIDIA Jetson and Raspberry Pi 5, 4B, Pi 3B+, Pi 3B, Pi 2, Model A/B/B+, Pi Zero
  • Reserved microphone and headphone jack for audio or GPIO signals
  • Three additional solder pads are available (same signals as a headphone jack)
  • Reliability: Way more durable than FPC cables when it is folded or twisted or under negative environmental factors such as moisture, humidity and temperature changes.
  • Size: 27.63 x 25.00mm



The arducam 64MP cameras can only get maximum resolution and video streaming on Pi4 and CM4 platforms. The resolution and video streaming of the camera will be limited on other Raspberry Pi platforms

Packing List

  • 1 x 64MP-AF Camera
  • 2pcs HDMI to CSI Adapter Boards
  • 2 x 80mm 15-15pin Ribbon Cables
  • 2 x 73mm 15-22pin Ribbon Cables
  • 1 x 150mm 15-22pin Ribbon Cable
  • 1 x 150mm 22-22pin Ribbon Cable


**Make sure to use high-quality HDMI v2.1 cables.


Can I use the adapter kit for monitors?
No, the kit is designed only to extend the cable length of MIPI CSI-2 Pi cameras, it will not work with other platforms/interfaces.
What's the maximum allowed distance?
For a stable connection, please keep the length no more than 10 meters.
Is it compatible with other 3rd party camera modules?
Can I use it with your quad-camera and stereoscopic camera series?

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